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The Plague in Rome, Jules Elie Delaunay, 1869

As the plague jabs and feints, like a boxer probing his opponent for an opening, so too the political sects keep up their cold war. Their main mission, much like that of, say, Stalinism or North Korea, is to prevent information escaping their jurisdiction and passing into the town square uncensored. Every statement and position, now, must be allowed out only in a sort of ideological burqa.

This writer, I’m afraid, has seen too much in the way of apocryphal social media static from people who have no agenda which seems to necessitate lying, and which is telling me that facts and figures are being laundered, and that the virus is being both dramatised and artificially extended, just as Kirk Douglas’s unscrupulous journalist does in the film Ace in the Hole.

Having sailed for some time between the Scylla and Charibdys of competing conspiracy theories concerning everybody’s favourite virus, it does seem as though the landscape is becoming clearer through the mist, a mist artificially induced by the information manipulators of the world’s elites.

What have they let slip? Well, it seems that China is not the poor little victim in all of this. From serial lying to wet markets, from faulty medical equipment to secret burials, the Communists should have been trying the patience of the West for no little time now. Instead, there has been a full defensive play by the MSM to defend China from every angle of attack.

We know that the police, particularly in the UK, give at the very least the appearance of an organisation with a taste for a bit of old-school Latin American policing. It is so much easier to go after the white middle class than get all mixed up with gangs and what have you. They want to look in your shopping-bag. Have you fully thought that one through?

We know that ‘expert’ is a word like ‘golf club’ is a word. Well, ‘golf club’ is two, but you take my point. There are many types of club, and they are used to produce differing results. Same with the experts. Which ones are you supposed to believe and which should you believe and where is the nested Venn diagram to show where those two sets overlap? Did not Sir Michael (‘Mick’) Jagger once sing something to the effect of, Papa say yes, Mama say no, make yo’ mind up cuz I gotta go?

We know to a near-certainty that economies are not going to come out of this like those little girl gymnasts who end their floor exercise with a neat somersault and a perfect landing. It will be more like a lunchtime drunk trying to negotiate a revolving door. The West had already maxed out its credit cards – America just keeps making new ones – and the hit from this has to be a serious one. Does Europe still think it can afford Islam? It doesn’t come cheap.

We have had our schism confirmed. I have written here before about the importance of the Trump/Brexit double-headbutt the Left received, and how they have defected sharply to a position which we might label random determinism. That is, they have chosen a set of ideological positions and, no matter that these are madder than a dozen boxes of frogs, they are going to stick to them. So everyone else is a fascist. Still.

Have we thought about our lives? That would be, at the risk of being patronising (Never stopped you up until the time of writing. Ed.), a thorough-going benison. These shadowy elites of whom we have often have cause to speak need certain things, one of which is consumer compliance. These balloon economies fear the sharp needle of consumer austerity. If people come to the conclusion that they don’t need at least 50% of the rubbish they buy, that would be a dozen coronaviruses to the economy. It isn’t a question of ‘how will life be after the virus’, but, ‘how will lives be after the virus’.

Well, I expect you all have your lists of what you are going to do when the appropriate horseman of the apocalypse has safely ridden on by, just as you had those mental lists of what you would do if you were ever gifted the time to do it, time like now. It is an opportunity, however, to put your mental house in order, see what the world is telling you is true and what it is saying isn’t, jettison some of the more suspect ideas you have and accept new ones, viewpoints you are being strongly dissuaded from entertaining. You think, therefore you is, in fact.

Happiness and health to all. Even the Left.

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