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British Intelligence

At British Intelligence we seek to reward intelligence and hope to attract

  • Readers  who love real thinking from first principles.

  • Readers who love excellent art.

  • Readers who love good prose writing for its own sake.


  • Readers for whom education is not a dirty word and seek an institution that does not renege on its promise to inform, educate and entertain.

  • Readers wishing to wise up rather than dumbing down. 

Readers for whom British Intelligence is not intended.

  • Readers whose minds are already made up. 


  • Readers who are owned by ideas rather than owning them.


  • Readers whose opinions, in the words of Jonathan Swift, were "by reasoning never acquired."


  • Readers whose views on most things can be safely predicted because they have assumed an off the peg set of political and moral values as a quick fix for the moral challenge. 


Guy Walker - Editor

Mark Gullick - Associate and Commissioning Editor

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