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The Destruction of the Library of Athens, Thomas Cole

Alas! If you only knew how soon, how very soon, things will be different…

Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

O brave new world,

That hath such people in it.

Shakespeare, The Tempest

Who wants the world?

The Stranglers

Having seen many hours of camera footage from the rioting across American cities, or ‘peaceful protesting’ as the media refer to it, it all begins to blur and one vicious beating of white people by black and white mobs starts to look much like another. It takes something special to stand out. One such incident did just that.

I have written before about the YouTuber known as I, Hypocrite, who posts collage movies called ‘You Can’t Stop Progress’, composed of compilations of phone camera work, with no voiceover, which reflect the chaos that the modern West has become. Thus, we see a two-hour montage of riots, beatings, transgender freaks, ranting SJWs, idiotic accidents brought on the victims by their own stupidity, and lying politicians and media talking heads. The movies are hypnotic and horrific and, due to their lasting about a day (five hours in the most recent case) before being taken down, I dubbed them ‘mayfly content’.

The most recent lasted five hours before being pulled, but one incident just won’t stop pulling on my coat. The mob now acts with absolute impunity, as the police have made it as clear as an unmuddied lake (stolen from A Clockwork Orange, that phrase) that they will not do anything as inconvenient as trying to stop or arrest them. And, now that ordinary people have started shooting back, they are increasingly turning their attention to the weak and defenceless individual, like lions on the veldt looking for a lame zebra. One woman in particular stays in my mind or, rather, what was said to her – or screamed at her, rather – does.

The quality is good. It shows a woman not elderly but older, standing dazed and confused on a strip-lit pavement, or ‘sidewalk’, while behind her splashed across a wall is an arc of what you think at first is the contents of a milkshake carton, but actually looks more like liquid plaster-of-Paris, this being an Antifa tactic. The rest is in the woman’s face, and so her problems may just be starting. The baying mob are insulting and haranguing her, most of it indecipherable until one clear, female voice rings out;

‘This isn’t your world anymore!’

As people have taken to saying, let that sink in.

‘This isn’t your world anymore!’

The world is certainly changing, but if that change has to do with ownership, if it is proprietorial, who was the previous owner, and who the new tenants?

Well, simplistically, and in line with whatever coherent aims one can tease out from BLM’s anarchic tactics, whitey just sold out to the black man and moved out of town. Firstly, of course, this is becoming literally true. Whites are pouring out of New York and no one – yet – can afford to pour in. ‘White flight’ is both inevitable and, of course, deeply racist. Racial theory in practice is very confused: blacks don’t want to be around whites and their privilege, and yet when whites act in self-defence for them and their families and get the hell out of Dodge City, blacks and their friends in the media cry ‘foul’.

In a wider sense, however, what would it mean to brown the world, or at least the West? Well, despite the fact that if you were to Google ‘white inventors’, you would bring up a gallery of black faces, in terms of the history of human innovation and creation, blacks have not really, to use a cricket term, troubled the scorer. Blacks just have not said much to history worth saying. If civilization really had begun in Africa, as we are told by the white middle and media class ad nauseam, Nairobi would be Tokyo. A black Western civilisation would be reverse social evolution. This is a truth which ought to be universally acknowledged.

Of course, it is not the tenancy that is the issue here but the nature of the landlord. This is not, contrary to anything anyone in any position of real power and influence will not only tell you but increasingly threaten you with jail time if you do not agree loudly and enthusiastically, some white supremacist imperial guard, but Liberal intellectuals. This very edition of British Intelligence features the latest in our Writing the Resistance series, the brilliant and clear-sighted Thomas Sowell, racially speaking a prophet without honour in his own land. The next edition will continue the series with England’s greatest essayist, Theodore Dalrymple. Both men warn gravely about the influence of intellectuals on the people concerning whom they expend their deleterious and toxic intellectual – and usually very well remunerated – time.

There has been an argument recently about the singing of Land of Hope and Glory at the Proms. The argument is largely a distraction, as are most things on which the media focus, but it throws up a salient point. What is the point in harking back to a culture that is long gone and pretending it lives still? The ‘Rule Britannia’ argument isn’t worth having because British culture is now Netflix, training shoes, Piers Morgan, BBC-endorsed diversity, tattoos and piercings, Banksy, Stormzy, halal school meals, transgender police car markings, Harry Potter, BLM, Love Island, football, cars, dating apps, and a deep-rooted hatred of Britain by the MSM, academia, the political class, and the public sector.

This is the world, and it isn’t mine anymore, or yours.

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