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The late Cannon Hinnant

Hey white boy.

What you doin’ uptown?

Lou Reed, Waitin’ for the Man

It is unlikely that there are many undiscovered tribes left in the world, and even more unlikely that there is one whose members do not know the name ‘George Floyd’. The bullying chaos of Floyd’s death, his own unsavoury past, and the resultant mayhem caused by media-endorsed Black Lives Matter are, as all important news is now, a matter not of record but of two opposing accounts of a record.

For some, Floyd’s death shows inherent or ‘systemic’ racism throughout not just American police forces but white America as a whole, and violent insurgency and a host of other societal upheavals are both necessary and justified. For others (who run a risk nowadays for voicing this opinion), the brutal police tactics notwithstanding, Floyd was a punk whose death should go unmourned, rather than celebrated with several funerals, and thousands of murals, marches, and various other spectacles of mass virtue-signalling.

The police action taken was wrong but it has been used to obscure and neutralise the thousands of successful and life-saving police actions taken across the USA on a daily basis. Floyd, for this side of the argument, is symptomatic of a (well, if obscurely, documented) racist black crime-wave in the US entirely and intentionally ignored by its media. In short, Floyd has become a martyr, and martyrdom is useless unless both the faithful and their opponents know the martyr’s name.

There is no such awareness of the name of Cannon Hinnant. Unlike that of George Floyd, his name will not come to you via every available media channel although, if it does, you will be instructed as to the correct attitude to take when hearing it.

Cannon was a five-year-old boy who was cycling on his neighbour’s lawn. The families were not enemies, far from it. The respective fathers had had dinner together on the evening prior to the incident, for which the father owning the lawn, Darius Sessoms, punished little Cannon not with a word of rebuke or by informing the boy’s father, but by shooting him in the head with a pistol. Cannon died later in hospital. He was white. Darius is black, still is.

After a while, it all becomes wearying. If you want to get the story, you will find it easier to trawl through the 1,160,000 Google hits little Cannon Hinnant gets than you would the 267,000,000 entries for career-criminal Floyd, so you’ve got that going for you. The American media have scarcely mentioned the boy. Local media outlets, when pressed, were quite upfront about their refusal to cover the story. There is an increasing feeling in the American class that white kids are collateral as the new moral army marches on. Dwell a while on what that means.

Local news media refused to report on Cannon Hinnant’s murder. I don’t mean they didn’t report on it, I mean they were asked if they would and stated plainly that they were not going to cover it. What does that mean to you? If you’re not sure, if you are confused by the current societal miscegenation, in which white people are forced to adjust their moral and societal worldviews to accommodate the new regime of crime with impunity conditional on skin colour, perhaps you might want to assess where you stand on the question.

And if you think Cannon Hinnant is a discrepancy, a blip on the screen, thing again. If you were to read the writings of Greg Johnson, Paul Kersey, Taleeb Starkes, Jared Taylor, Colin Flaherty and others, you would be aware that white people are being killed on a weekly basis by a new breed of self-justified black, people who are told by the media and the political class that anything they do to whites is okay, has been given a pass, has been stamped with the George Floyd seal of immunity. This is the future. Better start getting used to it.

The effect, of course, will be more genuine racism, as whites pour out of black-run areas and cross the street to avoid black men. They may have good reason for this, as we see, but that’s not good enough for the new moral army. Whites have to suffer because of, oh, I don’t know, 400 years of slavery or something.

Whites had already begun moving house under Obama, but he soon foiled their plans for a quiet life for them and their children with the Affordable Housing Act, effectively busing for real estate. Is your suburb lacking in diversity and vibrancy? Here, let us fix that for you.

So, then. While giant holograms of George Floyd are sprayed over burning, looted and destroyed inner cities – the damage to be paid for by taxing whitey, naturally – there will be someone, somewhere tasked with the job of rebuilding Cannon Hinnant’s head so that his folks can say goodbye to him as he lies in his casket. His crime wasn’t importing slaves or turning someone down for a job because he didn’t like their skin colour, it was cycling on a black man’s lawn. There is a whole new raft of crimes now, and you had better bone up on them, whitey, because when a black man walks in the room you are already committing some of them.

But, back to the 1619 project and the hooting for reparations and making sure no kindly old black women are pictured on barbecue sauce bottles. Where did the date 1619 come from, by the way? De Tocqueville claims that the first slaves were not imported into Virginia until 1621. But he was a white man, so what would he know? If a black says it, it must be true, another adage you had better get tattooed on your arm. Another thing remains true.

Enslaving blacks was the biggest mistake the USA ever made. Just not for the reasons you are told.

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