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Don't forget to ask the imam first

The problem with intersectionality, quite apart from it being the clunkiest portmanteau word the loopy Left have foisted on us since ‘microaggression’, is that it has a built-in and very serious design flaw. Inside the big tent of Leftist victim groups, there are a lot of immovable objects and unstoppable forces about the place, and progressives will have some tough choices to make as their pets squabble.

In the meantime, how is this for demonstration placard of the week?

Say no to undermining parental rights and authority.

Who hoisted this unfashionable nonsense? An ultra-Conservative, a religious fanatic, a right-wing mothers’ group? Curiously, a mix of all three. It was seen at a school-gate demonstration being held aloft by a Muslim lady wearing a hijab.

Islamic parents, you see, are becoming tired of the psychologically ruinous fad designed to further destroy the education of Britain’s children, that being the cult of transgenderism. There has been a lot of dissent against certain teaching practices in the UK, and it has mostly been shown by the Muslim community, although you wouldn’t know it to look at the MSM, who would rather you weren’t aware that the most conservative parents in Great Britain are of the Mohammedan faith.

Take Mr. Jabar Hussein, a 51-year-old Muslim father from Birmingham. He exercised what surely should be every parent’s right, that being to remove his child from school due to the nature of some of the teaching. He is looking at some serious fines and, potentially, jail time. This is now a country where a concerned Muslim father may be jailed, and yet in which those inhabiting the dark side of the Islamic crescent moon are under-sentenced or ignored to protect ‘community relations’, which always, always means to prevent rioting.

That aside, Mr. Hussein took exception to lessons promoting, as he saw it, homosexuality and transgenderism. At this point, gentle and valued reader, we would ask you not to smirk or snicker. Mr. Hussein cited one, ahem, text that particularly raised concerns when viewed through the lens of a religion the Alt. Left idolises as much as it reveres fat drag queens and their rightful place in British infant classrooms. The tome in question is entitled Introducing Teddy, and the protagonist is a Teddy-bear who is a boy Teddy-bear but wants to be a girl Teddy-Bear. One simply shakes one’s head and passes on.

With Islam mostly in the news in connection with knifings and child grooming, it is easy to forget that Muslims believe in family, its bonds and kinship, its sense of bloodline, far more than non-Muslim British citizens are allowed to build that natural foundation to future happiness. The family has been one of the great targets of the Left since at least Stalin.

It is interesting to listen to the surviving Hitchens brother – who is not all Eeyore as he sometimes appears, but is still one of our great social commentators – stressing that the final redoubt to fall in Britain would be the family. ‘The last bastion of responsibility’, Hitchens Minor calls it.

And so, fat drag queens vs. imams. Apart from being a video game we would break the BI expenses account to get on X-Box, we feel like we are in the five quid seats at Ascot. This is going to be some tussle, and we will be watching the Alt. Left with some interest. Now you has schism.

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