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Avi Yemeni is a feisty Jewish Australian who regularly walks into seething masses of Leftist hatred to report from the front lines of the war on idiocy. His latest outing was to a Leftist demonstration in Melbourne intended to press for the sacking of Australian PM Scott Morrison over his handling of the country’s catastrophic bush-fires.

The local police chief, Tim Hansen, took to the airwaves to bemoan the fact that his officers would be what he termed ‘a drained resource’, unable to attend to the problems caused by the fires because they were having to police a bunch of weirdoes who looked like they were on their way to audition for a reboot of Tod Browning’s classic film Freaks. Alright, our words not his, but the sentiment remains the same.

Avi served in a crack unit in the Israeli Army and consequently is not afraid to mix it up with the votaile shriekers and barkers of the Left at street level. Naturally, because St. Greta of Thunberg, Our Lady of the Ozone Layer, has spoken, they all believe the bush-fires are due to climate change. What is interesting, at least for the reality-based community, is that a slightly different narrative is coming to light, one the MSM are fighting to contain every bit as desperately as fire-fighters are attempting to quell the flames (although the Mail has covered one aspect of the emerging story).

Before we move on to the emerging causa obscura for this disaster, it is instructive to watch the Left when confronted by Avi. The women are shrill and potty-mouthed, the men slow and dull of wit. But, as Avi presents them with scientific facts and natural phenomena of which they have not heard, discourse breaks down and they become increasingly abusive and bad-tempered, like children who can’t prise the lid of a sweetie-tin because their fingers are too small. One guy pours a bottle of water over Avi on a day, as the assaulted reporter points out, when it was raining.

Avi has some fun too, suggesting to a string of slack-jawed protestors that some of the 200 people arrested and charged with arson for setting bush-fires legally change their names to ‘climate change’ so that we can all agree that climate change is to blame. And let us dwell on those arrested and facing court appearances. Some of the names are interesting, as they are obviously Islamic. Obviously, these people will be referred to as ‘Australians’ in the press because, as we all know, a passport makes you a citizen of whichever country you have moved to.

Also, ISIS have recently been issuing instructions to Muslims living in the dar-al-Harb – the non-Islamic world they would like to conquer and which laughably translates as ‘the house of war’- to set fires and use arson as a form of jihad. Not something the media or the Left want you to know much about.

Avi Yemeni deserves a medal not just for his coverage – he also covers the Tommy Robinson saga in Great Britain – but for his restraint. As noted, he is a very fit young man, and it must have been tempting to deck one of the eco-loons accosting him.

Citizen journalists are all we have against the twin offensive of the aggressive, ill-informed Left, and their allies in the mainstream media. Long may Avi serve.

The video of the protest can be found here.

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