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Is this standard police procedure? Really?

All the dead wood from jungles

And cities on fire.

Can’t replace or relate,

Can’t release or repair.

Take my hand and I’ll show you

What was and will be.

Ian Curtis, Atrocity Exhibition

Here at Traffic Analysis, the house weblog of British Intelligence, we try to make laughter our talisman, to keep smiling through, to recognise that it utilises more facial muscles to frown than it does to laugh, even if sometimes it does seem worth the extra effort. But it’s hard to find much to smile about in the desperate video footage of a black man with a white policeman’s knee on his neck, his life slipping away as he lies like a trapped steer, prone beneath a police car, with all the lack of dignity and humanity that implies. This is not America, sang the late David Bowie. Oh yes it is.

There is something frighteningly wrong with the United States of America. In world-historical terms, it is not that the country is psychotic. Rather, it is itself a psychosis. In Europe, Latin America, Africa, Australia, across the globe, if you seek America’s influence, look around you. The fast-food restaurants, the juvenile television shows and advertising, the hideous fashions, the desperately horrible pop music, the erasure of anything of cultural worth, all this was made in the good ol’ US of A.

There are going to be no winners from the tragedy of George Floyd. This is Loserville. The crippling of what little positive race relations existed in the States, the burnt-out and ruined businesses (the pictures of the destroyed, black-run sports bar into which the weeping owner had ploughed his life savings would reduce the hardest pundit to tears. While he is crying and explaining, looters return to steal his safe), the ubiquitous Lügenpresse acting like Baghdad Bob, telling us that these are slightly feisty protests while Gotham City burns round their ears, the black community who do suffer a genuine (if over-stated) level of police racism, the white community who are blanket-blamed for everything, now and throughout history, the whole fabric of society, long since irreparably rent and torn anyway. This is a less-than-zero-sum game.

The black community is being betrayed by the looters, the white community is being betrayed by the ANTIFA goons using this for their own sick role-play gaming, and both communities are going to hate each other just that little bit more. In a few weeks, everyone will have forgotten about COVID-19. The American Civil War 2.0 is the new kid in town.

Let’s get the blunt stuff out of the way right now. America is a failed social experiment. Blacks and whites can’t live together in urban conurbations. Sure, there will be small capillary kindnesses and tolerances, but there is just too much hatred, too much false narrative, too much bogus history and too much difference in culture. Junk the idea, America, before it junks you. Allow separatism. And give the accusations of ‘racism’ a rest over this suggestion. If racism saves lives, it becomes a force for good.

The next step can only be taken by voting Americans. Memo; you have to stop voting in Democrat mayors, and you have to stop voting in police chiefs who are black or lesbian or hard-Left or whatever you think fulfils some comfortable, social-justice quota. Democrat-run cities are almost all shitshows, and no mayor should have a political agenda. The disgraceful Muslim 5th-columnist Sadiq Khan exemplifies this in Britain.

Blacks and white Liberals? As Americans of a certain stripe are given to saying, listen up, y’all. Forget about ‘white supremacy’. You are fighting a ghost, a straw man. You would be better employed organising yourselves according to communitarian first principles. White Liberals? Shut the fuck up. Stop patronising blacks and try to remember they are not your pets. They do bad things and you stop them doing good things. Blacks? Do not listen to white Liberals. These are bored rich kids who will drop you once a new cause comes along.

As for the police, they are on a hiding to nothing. Every single racist incident – and if the killing of George Floyd wasn’t that then kindly tell us what it was. Community policing? – will undo any amount of good work the police achieve daily in a country more difficult to police than many supposedly Third-World nations. But please get real. Try reading Heather McDonald’s The War on Cops if you lack perspective which, if you are a habitual viewer of the American MSM, you certainly do. As McDonald accurately states, ‘For the last 20 years, America’s elites have talked feverishly about police racism in order to avoid talking about black crime’.

And, finally, a word to the wise for the rest of the world.

There has been much talk of boycotting China economically after they unleashed – intentionally or otherwise – COVID-19 on the rest of the planet. It can’t seriously be doubted – save by those who will lose, or rather fail to make more, money by putting an end to chasing the dragon – that this would be a healthy thing for the rest of the non-Communist world. But at the same time, it would be to the advantage of every country outside of America if they boycotted that country culturally. It has nothing to give us but pain, resentment, murder, flames and death. Bowie was right; this is not America. If it is not already too late, let’s try and keep it that way.

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