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For the love of God, don't look at the eyes!

Empty your minds, and hear only my voice. Imagine, if you will, one of those 1970s shop-dummies that strove to be realistic, expertly crafted into an image of one of the sterner Valkyries, and then steam-cleaned with a perfume-filled jet-washer, and the theatre of your mind is now playing host to a reasonably accurate rendition of a female American news anchor.

They are fearsome creatures. One feels the urge to look into the eyes, but only at their reflection in a polished shield. It’s as though some awful SS experiment in eugenics was trying to biologically engineer a kick-ninja harpie who also happens to edit a magazine in New York. Truly frightening to those of us who remember Sue Lawley.

Mika Brzezinski is not just a big old Scrabble score, but is one of these Midwich Medusas for MSNBC. Astoundingly, she seems to exhibit some sort of animus against America’s president, who also often looks as though there is a more than a hint of animatronics going on there. Recently. Mz. Bz. Has been demanding that Twitter ban the account of the man they know only as; orange man bad.

Now, easily one of the most entertaining aspects of Trump’s victory was the thought of the faces on the world’s political media manipulators and focus-group string-pullers of reality when Trump decided not to have stupid photo ops like that dunderhead Johnson, or endless press conferences, or leak policy to the newspapers, but would just go on Twitter. It’s not genius, but with technocrats you don’t need genius. You just put them in a round room and tell them to go and sit in the corner.

Now, the media are desperate to get orange man off Twitter, the Leftist bouncy castle for people who can’t handle long sentences. And so our intrepid newsreader, Klaus Barbie Doll, has set up a phone call with the boss of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, who is, as far as we are aware, unrelated to the famous big-band Dorsey Brothers. But more of than another time.

The essence of yet another tale of petulance from the American media is that the Left no longer expect any type of debate about actions to be taken to close down any avenue of information that appears on their radar. They demand, it happens. The media and big tech are in collusion over closing down right-wing opinion, and a CEO coming to the phone just because some refugee from a Marvel comic has called shows the exact power relation between the two entities. The only thing missing was what everyone expected before 2016; that both Brzezinski and Dorsey would be reporting the contents of the phone call back to President Clinton.

Social media has become very much like one of those visual illusions in which you think you are looking at one thing or picture, then you change position slightly and you are looking at another. The famous ‘duck or rabbit’ picture used by professional psychologists and everybody on Facebook is another metaphor. Incidentally, given that we know that the Left suffer from chronic cognitive dissonance, might we point out that cognitive dissonance means you can see both the duck and the rabbit. But that is a tale, as Shelley wrote in The Witch of Atlas, for the weird winter nights.

Social media appears to be a democratic tool, a great leveller, in the same way that Andy Warhol noted that even the president couldn’t get a better can of Coke than anybody else. Instead, social media has become a training-ground in the infowars. We wouldn’t be surprised if there was hiring traffic between social media and the press. “Oh, you banned things for Mark Zuckerberg? You are so going to fit in at the New York Times.”

There was a time when you kept a weather-eye on the Left and pounced whenever something came up that seemed to sum them up. Now, every day is Christmas Day. Everything sums up the Left because, culturally, the Left is everything. We leave you, however, with a particularly poignant story, one which will do nothing to dissuade you from believing that it is, indeed, a mad world, my masters.

A group of media activists have petitioned America’s FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, to have them prevent the press from covering President Trump’s press conferences. The name of this organisation, gentle reader?

Free Press.

Photo credit: World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

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