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TB covering the Killing Joke song 'I Am the Virus'

As edifying as it would be to enumerate the ways in which the Left has ruined modern culture, this is a weblog not an almanac. Had we but world enough and time, the list would be lengthier than Piers Morgan’s Boy’s Own Book of Bullshit, but time is short and, as Seneca wrote to Lucilius, time is all we have. (Is this going to be another one of those posts? Ed.).

One of the Left’s fingerprints all over a culture in decline is the public apology. You know the form. X Tweets something, bored people express their disgust at someone who is obviously and literally Hitler, X issues apology like a waiter who has just spilled soup on Madame’s lap. And yet the Left themselves have got a few whoopsies to say sorry for.

One of them is the world’s most egregious shit, Anthony Charles Linton Blair, known as Tony to his friends, most of whom are as toxic as he is. Of course, the Leftist voters who put Blair into power for what seemed like a lifetime – what was a lifetime, for some incinerated Iraqis – were not to know they had been had. Blair was the perfect politician, Pepper’s Ghost with the Joker’s smile. If his wife hadn’t looked like a cross between Cruella de Ville and a Bridgend prop forward, it could have been perfect.

Nevertheless, the Left do owe us an apology for the man Peter ‘Eeyore’ Hitchens aptly calls ‘the Blair creature’. The Tony Blair Institute – as trustworthy a name as the Rotherham Muslim Childminding Service – now claims to have teams embedded within all the world’s nastiest juntas posing as governments, advising them on how to deal with Vinnie the Virus. The main way, of course, is with extra surveillance.

Phony Blair is also pushing for more influence to be given to the WHO (personally, we think it might have been better if the late Keith Moon of The Who was in charge) and this is about as surprising as steam in a Chinese laundry.

Speaking of which, China is, of course, the link between the WHO (whose boss has no medical degree) and Bliar. It is now common knowledge that Tedros Bedros Medros, or whatever the WHO’s boss’s silly name is, was boosted into his high-chair by the Chinese Communist Party, the same gang of crooks Blair introduced to those wonderful Saudi Arabians. There is, shall we say, a Chink in Blair’s armoire.

So, Leftists everywhere. When are you going to say sorry for this no-goodnik, this carcinogenic chancer, this ideological blot on the landscape? No time soon, we suspect. My ex-school chum Keir Starmer almost certainly gets a stiffy when he reads Blair’s autobiography, and we bet the pages fall open – the ones that aren’t stuck together – at the chapter delineating his election strategy. (Don’t misread that sentence if you don’t happen to be Chinese. We are not talking about Viagra here).

Blair is utterly symptomatic of the political class, and the people who put and kept him in power owe us all a big soz. And now we can’t even vote him out.

Photo credit - European Commission

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