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May years ago, Ricky Gervais was an obscure English prankster DJ-ing on London’s indie music station XFM. Then, after a steady comedic rise in the UK, most famously with The Office, he did a Dudley Moore, went Stateside, and really rang the lemons. Now, at a time when that hoary old mantra ‘speaking truth to power’, is being wheeled out yet again, it takes a comedian – Gervais – to do just that. It’s just that power, at least cultural power, no longer resides in Washington but in Hollywood.

The Golden Globes are a dress-rehearsal for the Oscars, and like that yawn-fest is becoming a mixture of a political podium for super-rich actors to virtue-signal the night away, a fashion show of spectacular vulgarity, and a seminar in how to bring about affirmative action, as if more awards for black people is somehow going to trickle down to street-level kids in Detroit or Baltimore. And boy, did Gervais – now a veteran presenter of this event - put a wild, sabre-toothed mountain cat among the preening pigeons of Hollywood.

Gervais took on all the luvvies, all the pompous, self-important, Tinseltown tarts, and beat them at their own tawdry game. He praised a show and then mentioned in the same breath that it was sponsored by companies who use sweat-shops in China. He snide-swiped saint Greta, he told actors and actresses to ‘come up and get your little award, thank your agent, and your god, and fuck off.’

Our personal favourite was Gervais pointing to a table where he said he could see de Niro, Pacino, and baby Yoda, then corrected himself to say that it was Joe Pesci.

It is all over the internet like a cheap suit. If you want to see the puff-chested turkeycocks of Hollywood twitted by a plucky little English sparrow, take a moment to enjoy the fireworks here

Avoid the BBC piece, though. It drags you in on the pretence of being all Gervais, then lionises all the actors who represent this tawdry, state-sponsored cabal of Leftist losers (we are not sure if we are referring to Hollywood or the BBC…).

To top off this fearless display – it won’t do Gervais any favours in what is becoming the world’s most tedious town – the Liberal media hated it. Imagine our surprise. If you irritate Hollywood, the BBC and the rest of the media, that is when you know you are doing it right.

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