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These are not British students. Why? Because they are all thinking different thoughts.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

H P Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature

Like the famous Captain Oates, who walked from a tent into a blizzard on Captain Scott’s ill-fated Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole, knowing he would die in the freezing tundra but wishing to aid the survival of the rest of the team, and said simply, ‘I may be some time’, so too the truth has left the building and its return is not expected any time soon. As the Left run Britain, de facto if not de jure, and they are much given to secular taqiyya, that is, lying to further their cause, finding truths is like seeking out hidden rarities, like a truffle dog or a pearl diver.

One such truth we who are on the receiving end of the Left’s reign of lies is that this very same Leftist faction – and it is a faction, and in no way a majority – is afraid, and that one of the greatest of its objects of dread is – or appears to be - freedom of speech, unregulated, pure and laden with the truths they so despise.

What is it they are afraid of? I know. You think you know where this is going. ‘The truth’, you chorus, both of you. But is it that simple? With the Left, as with all mentally retarded people, things are rarely as simple as they seem.

They are frightened of a loss of control, like an incontinent dowager at a particularly long opera. Leftists don’t actually care what their enemies talk about, largely because if they stopped to pay attention – and they are grandmasters of ADHD – they wouldn’t understand the long words anyway. Leftist ‘discourse’ is, shall we say, quaintly limited. No, it is the very fact of having someone else dancing to your tune or, in the case of the Left, some tuneless and melody-free aural morse code by Stormzy or Dave, that so entrances the Left.

The only thing the Left enjoy about the whole free speech carnival is stopping it. Not because of its content; Lefties don’t really understand politics because they don’t really grasp what it is to be human in the full and rewarding sense of the word. And so any consideration of content, of meaning, is lost on them. They just know they must silence and cancel, de-platform and shout down in the same way that zombie shoppers ‘knew’ they must buy more toilet roll than would fit in their shopping trolley. As could clearly be seen in the footage of battling fatties ripping open cartons of bog-roll in the aisle duels of Tesco – what did you do in the arse-paper wars, Daddy? - there was a huge element of not letting the other person have any.

Free-speech groups, one might think, should be allowed to operate on campus. They are not, after all, attempting to bring their corrosive message that anyone should be able to say what they like to the converted to sensitive, hair-triggered, gossamer-skinned, nose-ringed, purple-haired, gender-fluid freaks.

However, at Sheffield University – or ‘uni’, if you can’t handle a five-syllable construction – and even at the grand old institution of Oxford, free-speech organisations and events are being run out of town quicker than the mayor of Wuhan on a twin-town visit. By the way, gone are the old days when every town was twinned with just one other town. They all have dozens now, and if there is such a visit, you may wish to find whether Wuhan really is twinned with your hometown. Hi, everyone in Swansea, Manchester and Pittsburgh!

No, it is not free speech that these onesie Marxists want to ban, it is any form of resistance, any dissent. Free speech is just the coalmine canary. This is why they are so eerily close to the working practices of the great totalitarian movements of the 20th century. If those on the Right were suddenly and cunningly to drop all interest in free speech events and champion macramé, that very 1970s style of loose knitting achieved with broad, soft wool and a knitting needle with a little hook on the end, within a week every knitting shop in every British town would be having its windows smashed and FACIST! [sic] sprayed on it, Hitler would be revealed as a champion knitter of beige tank-tops using the method, and Owen Jones would have had a piece published in The Guardian outlining how macramé literally normalises the branding of black slaves.

Take our advice. Don’t bother trying to speak at universities, if you are the sort of person with enough clout to do so. Get on the internet and spread the word there, if you can face the loss of income. Truth is actually worth more, you know. In your social lives, shun and avoid anyone of the Left. Even the nice ones have to learn with what it is they are affiliated. Leave the universities alone, let them stink in their woke trough of ideological pig-swill.

And take heart from the future, a future in which these people, who will never have been exposed to the glorious other side of the life of the mind, the sunlit uplands where the rest of us play, and will grow old having to pace a joyless, bleak, egg-bound and infertile mental landscape they have de-seeded themselves. To defend free speech, simply speak freely. This carnival of the grotesque will pass and then you will have won.

Photo credit: Basile Morin

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