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Humana Fragilitas, Salvator Rosa, 1657

In his novel London Fields, Martin Amis describes the British class system as impervious to nuclear war. Even after the blast, Amis writes, people would still be arguing over the acceptable way to eat a cockroach. Legs first or start with the head? Similarly, were there a chain of nuclear explosions across the West, and faceless ex-humans were left crawling around giant bomb-holes trying to eat moss, there would still be Leftists around, limbless and blinded, but still yelling to make sure LGBTQ people get a fair slurp of puddle-water.

Yes, the Left will be always with us. Here is the great Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, to give the author of the Meditations his full name, on plagues in general;

‘Hath not yet experience taught thee to fly from the plague? For a far greater plague is the corruption of the mind, than any change and distemper of the common air can be. This is a plague of creatures, as they are living creatures; but that of men as they are men or reasonable’.

Creatures or reasonable? In itself, a perfectly reasonable question for a man to entertain. But what greater plague is there in the minds of the Left? As always, the blanket term should really be ‘Alt. Left’, an extension, a turbo-charged re-think of what used to be called the ‘Loony Left’.

As in the USA, some of the more evolutionarily retarded Leftists are talking about murder charges being brought against Trump, Johnson, yo-ho-ho, anyone who isn’t a globalist shill. For them, there is no plague as such, simply a huge tick-mark indicating that they should continue their utterly useless, juvenile, chippy carping.

Daniel Defoe, in the now-trending Journal of the Plague Year, considers the psychology of those who would, at the time of the ‘distemper’ he logs, infect others. It reads very much like our old friend the psychopathological profile of the Left;

‘Others placed it to the account of the corruption of human nature, who cannot bear to see itself more miserable than others of its own species, and has a kind of involuntary wish that all men were as unhappy or in as bad a condition as itself’.

Are the Left a disease? What is the vaccine against untrammeled Liberalism? It is, of course, education, which has always been a first and primary target for the Left. Destroy the ability to think and replace it with dogma. So far, so medieval Catholic church. But there is a constant at work here. If the Left are a disease, how do they react to a fellow viral fellow traveler? Rather well, it seems. Business as usual.

The Greens, for example, had better be very careful what they wish for, because it is more or less here. The economy is crumpling, everyone is controllable and curfewed, emissions are down, globalism is on its knees. Crack open the soy milk! Humanity is suffering!

But what does it mean, the plague? It’s life, that’s all, writes hippest-existentialist-ever Albert Camus in another book which has found its time, The Plague. Camusnovel always has one eye on the disease that besets a French town, and the other on the people of the town itself. What Camus is telling us is that the viral is also the human. As below, so above.

Imagine if, after the plague was vanquished, the Left, to adorn the phrase in the parlance of a rougher, more robust English language now passing from us, just gave it a fucking rest. Look, we’ve been having a think about racism, and it is a bit of a window-display to get you to come into Cultural Marxism – the department store – and get all sorts of other bug-eyed ideas in your pointy head.

We had a bit of a chat about LGBTQ as well. We see what you mean. The whole concept just screams ‘mentalist!’, yeah? Gays as well. I mean, we’d never say it, but we still find them a bit creepy after AIDS and all that. The Islam business, that too. We read the Koran while we were in lockdown. Fuck me bandy, it’s nuts. It’s a goatherd-on-acid, shoot-’em-up, berserker video game. We backed a wrong ‘un there, fair play to you.

We’ve fucked the universities, hands up, guilty as charged. They could have been the pride of the world, as once they were, but we made sure they were turned into know-nothing Quaker Meeting Houses where the biggest enemy was not ignorance but white men.

Schools as well, the little kids. We really nonced it for them. They won’t any of them get that garbage out of their heads, and we’re in the frame for the ruined psychological futures and suicides we helped put in place.

But, look. The virus has made us re-think things and, well, we’re with you guys. What do you mean, it’s too late. Come one, guys. Let’s not do this.

For, in the end, it will be the disease of Liberal-Leftism that does for us, not any tough-guy virus. The West is already so entrenched in a type of designer-brand socialism, something you make be whatever you want it to be, like a Transformer, that any type of sane civilisation hoving into view in my lifetime seems as likely as someone with no medical degree being the head of the WHO. Oh. Oh, wait…

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