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Second of May 1808 in Madrid orThe Fight Against the Mamelukes, Goya

Fashion. What a fickle mistress, and yet how she does beguile us, particularly if we happen to be MSM journalists, those most boring and modern of cultural parasites. And, like all fashion junkies, they constantly need their fix of the new. They were beginning to tire of the coronascam, which they are trying to prolong like Kirk Douglas in the 1951 film Ace in the Hole. To their ill-concealed delight, however, along came Black Lives Matter (BLM), a raggle-taggle mob of malevolent and violent trouble-makers backed by a spurious ideology, enforced by government, and backed to the hilt by that very MSM themselves.

My, how they cavorted and cut capers. Against a broad canvas of universal white racism – which Liberal whites shouted about louder than anyone else, to the occasional bemusement of their black mascots – a good deal of the ornamentation of what passes for culture in these treacherous times was redesigned, torn down, remade and remodeled. BLM were all the Christmases the media have tried so hard to ban come at once.

But, as all small children know, Christmas comes to an end. And once all the presents have been opened and the turkey and heavy wines gorged and quaffed, things have to return to normal. In the last few days, there has been the slightest of senses that the orgy of guilt and moral reparation might, if not have come to a full halt, at least be slowing down in preparation for the next station on the line to purgatory.

The British army has been banned from ‘taking the knee’ (a stupid phrase forced on us by a compliant MSM, and originated by the apparently mediocre American football player and golliwog-bequiffed Colin Kaepernick). The Premiership is now backing off BLM, claiming it has been ‘hijacked’. Actually, you superannuated propeller-heads, 'twas ever thus. The BBC have told their staff, the ones they haven’t fired this week, not to wear their jaunty little BLM badges. There is a definite feeling in the air that, notwithstanding that every dog has his day, these mutts might have had theirs.

Perhaps the tide is turning, although it turns too late for some. The Massachusetts nursing teacher, for example, fired for Tweeting that ‘everyone’s life matters’, or the Michigan State University tutor similarly dispatched for publishing a study claiming that police shooting of suspects was not racially biased. A word to the wise, guys; the concept of peer reviewing looks somewhat different under totalitarianism. The man who unrepentantly funded the ‘White lives matter’ banner flown over Burnley football ground was fired from his job, as was his wife, presumably for being unwise enough to say ‘I do’ in conjugal acceptance of a Ku Klux Klan Grand Kleagle. Will those people ever find work again outside of the supermarket aisle and car-wash?

Of course, there are false signs that the establishment have had enough of the children wrecking the play-pen. It looked, on the surface (where so much of media reportage institutionally stops just now) as though the female mayor – I don’t think one is allowed to say ‘mayoress’ now – of Seattle was taking a firm hand with BLM and their anarchic little freeholding known as ‘CHOP’, until it was revealed that she only ordered the area cleared when she discovered that the rioters were planning to bring it on home. Her home.

And then there is the British government, petrified to make a move in any direction before weaselly men such as Dominic Cummings have stuck a slippery finger in the wind first. The leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, has actually mildly distanced himself from BLM, an act of shattering bravery for the modern politician, if undoubtedly itself a focus-group-mandated decision. But children indulged soon become tiresome, and it may be that BLM will not find their petulance quite as unpunished and sponsored as they have up until now.

One more point. A crisis involving racial hatred just wouldn’t be a party if you didn’t invite Da Joooooz. Yes, once BLM had established their beach-head, you just knew it wasn’t going to be long before the old hatred, the plaster mould, the blueprint and artist’s model for ethnic hatred popped its scaly head round the door. And my how things have changed since he was last in these parts.

It could be argued that for years Western societies tip-toed around the Jewish question like a clod-hopper dad dressed as Santa trying not to wake his kids on Christmas Eve. Difficult to argue against a level of respectful existential reparation being owed to a people that the leader of Germany just three-quarters of a century ago was marching into gas-chambers. But parts of the British Left – among others – have put on their bravery jackets recently and, under the disgraceful leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and without question to please their new Mohammedan voting bloc, started up the same old libels. While we are on the subject, the Allies in WW2 were never at war with the Nazis. We were at war with Germany. The Nazis happened to have the key to the executive toilet. For a long time the fact has been hidden like a mad old aunt in the attic that Germany is very much Europe’s problem. But that is for another day.

BLM UK started Tweeting about the Palestinian ‘cause’, you know, the one where they get a great tranche of land back from the Israelis so they can make a shithole out of it to match the other failed Muslim states, an oxymoron if ever there was one. This was a goose-step too far, even for the Left. And, unlike the White British, the Jews know how to fight. But, again, we’ll have that pillow fight another day.

For now, we will wait to see what BLM have up their sleeve next. Certainly America is a hayrick tended by a drunk pyromaniac. In November, if Trump wins, the country goes up in flames. If Biden gets to deposit his worm-raddled old carcass in the Oval Office, the country can bend over and kiss its economic arse goodbye. In the meantime, the coronavirus is being revived to scare the peasantry.

So, all we can do now is wait for the next piece of spurious bullshit the waning MSM is going to palm us off with. Don’t put up with it. Don’t buy newspapers. Starve the beast. As David Bowie sang, fashion. Turn to the left, turn to the right…

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