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Ah, La Belle France. The land of culture, Paris, the city of lights and love, wine, cheese, Proust, Van Gogh, Chopin, Piaf, Brassens, the list is a seemingly endless one. And that list now, apparently, involves religious persecution and death threats against the innocent.

A girl known only as Mila, who wishes to be a singer, as most young girls do – although the notion of ‘singing’ now has a certain semantic elasticity to it – was sharing a video on young people’s forum Instagram, when she was the subject of what is described as ‘heavy handed’ sexual advances from a feisty young Mohammedan, and resisted his online advances. On learning of his religious persuasions, she opined that ‘I hate religion… The Koran is full of hate. There is only hate in it. Islam is a shit religion. That’s what I think.’ As Howlin’ Wolf once sang, the men don’t know but the little girls understand.

Now, blasphemy is not a crime in France, unless of course there is a parallel system of law that says it is. Let’s call it, oooh, I don’t know, shariah. Seems as good a name as any. The video went viral, and the death and rape threats poured predictably in at the rate of 200 a minute. Cultural enrichment, there’s nothing like it for enlivening a boring day in the new Europe. You have to hand it to Muslim youth, they are more responsive than, say, Yahoo! or British Telecom.

Mila’s name and address promptly appeared on the internet, as did the address of her school, from which she has now been removed for her own safety and, presumably, that of the school. Prosecutors at Vienne, near the attractive and ancient French city of Lyon, have now begun two investigations. The first is to ‘find and prosecute the authors of the threats’, the second to ‘decide whether the girl’s comments constituted a criminal offence or fell within the definition of free speech [which] is a constitutional value’. We can only guess as to which investigation will be prioritised.

Marine Le Pen, who is looking like a President in waiting, much to the horror of Leftists who desire an influx of Islam to satiate their oikophobia, has paid attention to the case, as she is not devoted to the protection of brand Islam, in bold contradistinction to around 95% of European politicians. Mme. Le Pen released a statement. ‘We might find the girl’s comments vulgar, but we can’t accept the fact that some people sentence her to death for that in France in the 21st century’.

Europe is changing, and is being changed. Shariah creep is what the young folk call ‘a thing’, and soon it will not be possible to voice opinion unless it is in conformity with the rising class of masters. Just ask Theo van Gogh, descendent of the painter. Except you can’t, because he had his head cut off in an Amsterdam alleyway by a Muslim, his crime being to have made a film critical of Islam’s treatment of women.

So, then, France. 1789. 1968. 2020?

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