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Any more you'd like me to cut off, sir?

Why should I care, sang Pete Townsend of The Who, if I have to cut my hair? My, how times have changed. A short back and sides ain’t what it used to be, tuck in your cape, snip snip snip, buzz of the clippers, chat with George the Greek about your holidays and maybe something for the weekend. A haircut now can be an invitation to hate, distress and the need to involve the police.

If you’re ‘transgender’, that is.

Gray Crosbie is a fey little ginger Scottish pixie who describes himself as a poet, just as 90% of young Leftists are poets or comedians or performance artists (although rarely do they indulge in difficult things like art or music). He – and it is a he – is shown in the video bemoaning the fact that he is only ever offered a ‘male’ or a ‘female’ haircut. Now, quite apart from the fact that he should have his hair shaved to an eighth of an inch and forced to serve a year in the 12th Highlanders, this jocko ladyboy seems to think that this ‘binary’ arrangement is oppression on a scale that makes the Armenians’ treatment by the Turks look like a homeopathic massage.

If you haven’t seen the short video which is going viral quicker than a Wuhan bath-house, catch up with the BBC’s latest licence-endorser at

The storm-toss’d teacup that is Twitter predictably went doolally. Sarcastic Tweets poured in, and the Left hate sarcasm because they can’t do it properly, they’re like a Millwall docker with chopsticks. Perhaps the most poignant and incisive was a Tweet which read, ‘Previous generations feel your struggle’. Posted alongside was a picture of young soldiers storming the beach on D-Day as the shells rained down.

The BBC, being mature and able to roll with a few snarky punches, took the joke in good spirit and… Nah, you weren’t buying that for a minute, were you? The BBC Tweeted the following;

‘It’s been a tough 24 hours here, fighting hate from all around the world, all because we shared the lived experience of a young person in Scotland. We take threats and bullying very seriously here and we have been reporting those Tweets. (Italics added)’.

You read right. The BBC takes threats and bullying so seriously they have elected to threaten and bully people who don’t buy into their warped version of what a healthy society should be. And they will find willing accomplices among the Scottish police, who have already been compiling a database of Twitter jokes not to the liking of the new Jock Cheka, because everyone knows there is no violent crime in Bonny Scotland, and that Castlemilk and the Barrowlands in Glasgow are often mentioned in the same breath as a Canary Islands spa retreat. But back to young gay Gray.

Quite apart from the mawkishness of the delivery of his 6th-form half-rhymes, much of what he describes is obviously cobblers. He is, he claims, asked if he is a boy or a girl, trans or gay. In Scotland. Yeah, right. Barbers just cut your hair. They don’t care if you’re trans, gay or Venusian. But now the transgenderistas are handing out victim application forms, the queue is a long one and getting longer.

The new Leftist cult of transgenderism has achieved two things. On a cultural level, it is yet another of the disruptive practices designed to hobble civilisation, or what decent people would call civilisation. On a personal level, it has given the hopelessly talentless a chance to show off.

‘The majority of people’, warbles the ginger whinger, ‘don’t feel safe in this divide’. No, pal. The people who have been reported to the police for rightly mocking your snivelling drone-fest don’t feel safe.

If it’s real poetry you want, of course, you look no further than British Intelligence, where we don’t trade in limp-wristed tartan doggerel.

Photo credit - Lex T. Wenberg, US Navy

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