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Think there might be just a tad too much immigration? This is you and your mates, yesterday

In polite society – and nota bene, ‘polite’ comes from the same Greek root as ‘policed’ – is there a greater social faux pas than, ‘Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m (your name here) and I am Right-wing’. Why not just seal the deal with, ‘Hi, I’m a paedophile’, or, ‘Hi, I like to sniff seats which women have been sitting on’? Maybe break the ice with a cheery, ‘Hello, do you know, Scientology is nothing like as strange as people say’? The beauty of self-identifiying as Right-wing is that it is one size fits all and, to paraphrase Henry Ford concerning his model-T motor-car, you can have Right-wing in any colour as long as it’s fascism.

As the modern Alt. Left use logical induction – if all a is b, and all b is c, then all a is c - the same way a DIY blunderer might use a hammer to whack home a screw for want of a screwdriver, every time anyone even vaguely connected with Right-wing thinking acts, everyone inclined to the right is implicitly bracketed with that agent. Thus, if you are even vaguely Right of centre, when some spotty white punk, manifesto lodged in the Cloud, anaemic and drained by copious masturbation, bursts into a church and guns down a dozen blacks, he is your people. When huge skinheads with swastika tattoos practice kung fu in the Black Forest, that’s you, that is. When a race-realist points out the factually correct statistic that while the average IQ of an Ashkenazi Jew is 115, that of a Somalian is 69 (and that of an average collie dog is 49) you are also a racist. Guilt by association used to be the rather quaint term for this multi-lateral besmirching.

But it doesn’t seem to apply to the Left.

You are Left wing (not that this applies to any of you reading this, unless your intentions are less than benign), but the people throwing rocket flares at police horses in Whitehall are not Left-wing, they’re just a few bad apples. You are Left wing, but the LGBTQ fanatics are not, they are off on their own agenda. You are Left wing, but any other wingnut and fruit-loop and space cadet out there calling for defunding the police, or prisoners’ rights, or BAME-only job advertisements are definitely not.

Except they are.

Leftists are going to have to start admitting that they are in bed with the howling mob. These are your folk, I’m afraid, cut from the same cloth as you. If you support BLM, then you have to go the whole way, you can’t pick and choose, it isn’t fucking pizza topping. You did it to us, now it’s your turn to suck the dishcloth. If you think Britain is a racist country that needs statues of slavers torn down, even if those slavers used their financial gain to build the city in which you live, then you may as well get the bad haircut and the nose-ring, because you’ve just run away to join the circus.

It has long been established by those who are not hard of thinking that while the political Right – a vanishing breed, certainly in the political arena – use good old-school Enlightenment reason, flawed but basically sturdy as a Raleigh bicycle (I suppose that brand name will have to go when the wokesters find out who Raleigh was), the Left emote, firm in their belief that the emotions usually reserved for watching cinema or a football match are the appropriate ones to utilise for political discourse. This is why the modern progressive liberal is such a bed-wetting cry-baby reactionary.

You see, this is all just another one of the signs and wonders of the political, cultural and social end times. As Ray Liotta’s character says at the end of Goodfellas, we had it all. And now it’s all over. We of the political Right will wait patiently until the tantrums are over, the last statue has come down, the last BBC training post has gone to a Somalian immigrant, the last comedy show has been pulled from Netflix, language has been reduced to a basic 5,000-word vocabulary cleansed of any taint of anything you don’t like, black juries sit in judgement of white racist defendants at a truth and reconciliation committee sponsored by Nike, libraries have been denuded of white authors and are now the size of corner shops, and the circus has rolled out of town. Then we will ask politely what it is you think you’ve done.

So, choose carefully, my gentle friends. Your affiliations will say much about you in the coming months. There is a war, and we very much doubt it will all be over by Christmas.

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