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Donald Trump's new ambassador to Great Britain

President Donald Trump is infuriating the Left in a way that is a joy to watch, like seeing a tennis player allow his opponent to huff and puff before flicking an exquisite yet simple cross-court volley to take the point, the game and the set. The match has yet to be decided.

During the 2016 election, the American deep state weaponised the media to guarantee a Clinton victory. The pollsters were issued their instructions. It was like the WWF; Trump was going down in the 9th. Then reality flipped the script. Trump won and repaid the media by by-passing them, humiliating them, individually, in the Rose garden and elsewhere, and using social media for his policy announcements.

He is insufferably rude in an age where part of politics is false charm. So, when a French factory manager asks Trump why the American unemployment is so much better than that of France, Trump tells her it’s because America has a better president than France. Imagine the insincere twaddle Obama would have bored us and mademoiselle with.

He gets involved in spats and he stays involved. Where the protocols of the deep state demand groveling apologies for every perceived faux pas, Trump disrespects people who deserve disrespect. The utterly useless Muslim fifth columnist Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is a perfect example. Everyone in public life feels they have to attack Trump in much the same way they knew they had to praise Obama, but when Trump bites back they all clutch their pearls and shriek at the nasty man. A lot of people will wish in secret they could tell Greta Thunberg to shut her pie-hole. Trump doesn’t wish anything in secret, defenestrating the sanctimonious sprite on social media or, as used by Trump, anti-social media.

It is a racing certainty that Trump has not forgotten Boris Johnson’s comments about him either, and he has found an excellent way to wind up the – so far – disappointing British Prime Minister. He has effectively appointed his own ambassador to Britain; Nigel Farage.

President Trump and his security have their suspicions about the involvement of Chinese firm Huawei in the roll-out of something called a 5G network (we here at British Intelligence use, as you might expect, Bakelite telephones with good, stout cords). This type of thing can, it seems, be used for illicit surveillance and we would not put that eventuality past the Chinese. Orwell may have been writing in satirical mode, but we should recall that he not only described the Chinese as sinister, but pointed out that they also wear pig-tails.

What was curious about this criticism is not that Trump made it, but that he made it not via Karen Pierce, the UK’s new ambassador to Washington, but via the man the media you is the most hated man in Britain, indeed, after Katie Hopkins, the most hated person, Mr. Nigel Farage. In fact, Farage had the following to say about Ms. Pierce;

‘She is a career Foreign Office type in the same mould as her Predecessor, Kim Darroch. When will Downing Street learn?’

Quite quickly, one would imagine. Johnson may be shaping up to be a fraud, a fake Conservative to go with America’s fake Republicans, but he can play politics. He will recognize what Trump is doing, by-passing usual channels and using as his mouthpiece a major irritant to the government, even if Farage was the man ultimately responsible for the British withdrawal from the EU (hopefully we will stop hearing the doofus word ‘Brexit’ now) for which Johnson is now claiming the credit. Clever move, using Farage against the machine.

Photo credit - Gage Skidmore, Peoria, AZ, USA

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