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Election Riot at Coventry, James Pollard

In these trying times, it is hard to see a winner. It seems that everyone loses in a world of racial strife, police brutality, untrustworthy news reporting, and 'protesting', the rioting it’s okay to like. But there is a glint of light at the end of a long dark tunnel and, as always, hope lies with the magic salve of multiculturalism. The true winners of the ballad of George Floyd have names like Vladimir, Recep, Xi and Ali.

That’s right, fam. While America burns, their arch-enemies in Russia, Turkey, China and Iran have been razzing their hands together watching the old enemy – and its politicians, celebrities and police forces – prostrating themselves in front of black people while their cities burn. And they didn’t even have to get off the X-Box. Black people, it should be pointed out, don’t have a particularly good time of it in each and every one of the countries mentioned, which makes their glee all the more acute. Imagine how the CCP would deal with black rioters smashing up stores.

And, of course, the quad-bike of doom have a little 5th-column helper in the US of A in the shape of the Democrats and their minions on the activist Left. Anyone who believes that the Democrat Party do not desire the horrid down-tumbling of the once-soaring American eagle should not be allowed to use scissors unless Mummy is there. And TRIC (Turkey, Russia, Iran and China. Seemed appropriate) will be keeping a weather eye on the funding of Antifa and BLM in case George ‘Davros’ Soros runs out of pocket money. The Muslim duo of Erdogan and Khameini will be familiar with an old Arab proverb; Better a thousand enemies outside the house than one inside.

But look on the bright side. If TRIC get to carve up that ol’ American eagle for a Sunday roast in the not-too-distant future, at least it will solve the black unemployment problem. All will have jobs, although we wouldn’t like to speculate on a minimum wage. Staying alive, probably. You see, of all the teeming paradoxes attendant on the current shitshow in the US, one of the most looming is that fact that the American black is better off, financially, socially, and culturally, than blacks anywhere else in the world. But that still isn’t enough.

Then there is the political common ground between Islam and Communism. Commies and Islamists may dress differently, but they share an ideological wardrobe. Lockstep thinking, submission to the central cause (please don’t wheel out that old ‘Islam means peace’ crap. That went out with David Cameron. It means 'submission'. That's what it means.), harsh treatment of dissidents, no freedom of speech and a visceral hatred of non-believers. All of these share a healthy wedge in the world’s Venn diagram of oppression.

So, as America takes a knee – which is what boxers do when they are trying to get up from the canvas after being floored by a hay-maker – the jackals circle. Can the eagle take flight once again? Not without resistance. The one big danger faced by the marauding anarcho-bots currently torching businesses whose owners have put their lives into their livelihoods is that by parroting the weasel-phrase ‘white supremacy’, they might create a golem of manifest destiny. One feels that if whites put down the PlayStation and pick up the thirty-ought-six, the first American Civil War might end up looking like a bust-up on a netball court.

The problem with America is that after all the media aggression – Cuomo minor wants to know where it says that ‘protests should be polite’. Effectively, in the First Amendment, you chucklehead – the Democrat hatred of America, the RINOs, foreign politicians sticking their oar in (bigoted fatso Emily Thornberry has recommended the Labour Party not sanction riot control gear be sent to America), and the gutmenschen who control the West all heaping pressure on Donald Trump, they seem to have missed the fact that they failed to keep him out of the White House and failed miserably to impeach him once he had his feet under the desk. Now, they have grievously pissed him off.

As for the UK, it looks to be importing BLM and their uppity grievances like it imbibes all of America’s crap ideas. Sadly, Boris Johnson is at the helm, a man fading fast and possibly the most over-rated politician currently on show among the shop-window dummies of the British political class. Sir Keir Starmer, a man whose facial expression is that of a man with a truck bearing down on him, waits in the wings to do even more damage to Blighty.

What to do? Well, we hear Lapland is nice this time of year.

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