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Who ya gonna call?

There is a war

Between the ones who say there is a war

And the ones who say that there isn’t.

Leonard Cohen, There is a War

This is war. We’re really at war.

Stuttgart police officer.

The British police have not yet attracted the deadly disapproval currently being experienced by their American counterparts, possibly because the pack-dogs of BLM and their white liberal running mates can’t believe how pathetic they are. They’re just not worth killing. As the Sarn’t Major says in It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, a 1970s programme we would dearly love to see re-run once our people come to power and control the airwaves once again, ‘never in all my life have I seen such a display of blatant poofery’.

The European police are similarly victims, as much of the Gramscian long march through the public sector (and coming very soon to a private sector near you) as they are from the Muslim immigrants who occasionally try to kill them. BLM is not a particularly big thing in Europe, run as that continent’s demi monde is by a Muslim migrant underworld, and it is Mohammedans who represent the clearest and most present danger to the erstwhile forces of law and order. Helped, of course, by a compliant media – the Lügenpresse, or ‘lying press’ – and big tech, who are determined to stop free speech for all except our enemies.

Most recently, they banned as ‘hate speech’ an emotional audio recording by a German police officer in Stuttgart, moved to tears by what he is watching as his men fight what he at one point refers to as ‘die Kanaken’, a word best not used in Germany to describe immigrants unless you yourself wish to become better acquainted with the police. Swedish police, meanwhile, many of them dumbfounded by what they have experienced, have been leaving their jobs in droves for some time, often replaced by fast-track immigrants. It can only be a matter of time before other European countries follow suit. So Euro cops are not having it easy. No doughnuts for them.

In America, New York has seen a 50% spike in police retirements since the same time last year, with one veteran office quoted as saying, ‘It’s an all-out war on cops and we have no support’. For the American cop, though, these really are the dark times. Imagine being one, particularly if you are white and male, the triangulation point of progressive-Left spawned, media-supported hatred. Imagine your thoughts as your working day throws a routine stop of a black man in a car at you. Snake eyes. He is driving erratically. On leaving the car, he looks as though he is intoxicated. He begins to resist arrest. But the problem, despite appearances, is not his. It’s yours.

Heather McDonald’s 2016 book The War on Cops contains truths about the relationship between the police and American blacks. You know it does, not because of empirical research you yourself may have carried out, but because the book would have been read by more lawyers than O J Simpson’s charge sheet. Anything counter-narrative that has been published this century had better be air-tight, because the deep state is a big part of the readership. McDonald’s mission statement is unequivocal;

‘[A] lie overtook significant parts of the country and grew into a sort of mass hysteria. That lie holds that police pose a mortal threat to black Americans – indeed, that the police are the greatest threat facing black Americans today. Several subsidiary untruths buttress that central myth: that the criminal-justice system is biased against blacks; that there is no such thing as a black underclass; and that crime rates are comparable between blacks and whites, so that disproportionate police action in minority neighbourhoods cannot be explained without reference to racism’.

Further to this bad dreamscape, ‘[A]nti-white antagonism is perhaps the best-kept secret about black inner-city culture’.

It’s a perfect storm, and it is now making landfall. With the latest fad – and these huge tectonic movements within society are faddish, are trends and fashions, changing daily – is for defunding police forces, literally doing away with policing. Usually, as McDonald points out, it is blacks who suffer from a lack of policing. And they will. But blacks have been emboldened across the world since George Floyd died. Whereas police should be expected, according to the media narrative, to use ruthless and deadly force, we have seen pictures of them kneeling and running away. If it is a war, it is clear who is winning.

And if this is a war, then it will run according to the rules of warfare, one of which is that combatants are liable to switch affiliations to best suit their interests. And so the latest development in American Civil War: The Reboot is that disaffected cops are now joining up with the armed militias – the Oath-Keepers and the Three Percenters and others - they used to despise. Can you blame them? They have watched their profession traduced by a political class who think that kissing the arse of BLM will get them the edgy social and political cachet that the Manhattan socialites eating canapés at cocktail parties in the 1970s with Huey Newton and his Black Panther pals thought they were getting. Trouble is, those moneyed rebels were being gamed by Newton and his pals, as described by Tom Wolfe in his classic essay Radical Chic. Now it’s happening again.

So, next time you see a biker gang roar into town with that sort of dead-eyed stare they have? Don’t be surprised if the Hell’s Angels have the boys in blue riding shotgun.

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