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"And don't let me catch you reading Shakespeare again!"

To paraphrase Churchill’s summation of Russia, the political Left are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, and all bundled up in a pink pussy hat. It takes a certain strength of mind, an inflexibility of will, to keep up with their mental and linguistic contortions. If one can spare the time, however, unravelling the logic of their various edicts, ex cathedra pronouncements and imprimaturs is, to quote the noted critic James Osterberg – aka Iggy Pop – like hypnotising chickens.

The Left, as we have noted many a time and oft, are like children, and not nice children. They are like children in that they believe themselves to have won arguments by stating, or shouting, something with which they are pleased, and which was delivered in their voice. If it annoys Daddy and spoils the whole holiday for everyone, so much the better. Much of their rhetorical strategy comes from a lexicon of buzzwords and chi-chi phrases which they believe capture any argument rather than sounding, as they do, like so much intellectual pabulum. Let us examine one of these tropes.

Yes, dear reader. We are gathered here today to talk of white supremacy.

What does it mean? First principles; that white people are supreme, are the supreme people. Which white people would that be? New Zealanders? Icelanders? The Welsh? My, what a disparate and blanched ummah. Secondly, what does ‘supremacy’ mean? That white people were largely responsible for the modern world? That they are more intelligent than non-whites? That they rule, in some obscure way, over the non-white population? Incipit race realism, and the divergent paths of, say, Jared Taylor and Robert Spencer.

We already witness, on a daily media basis, the promulgation of a wholly separate and parallel history of mankind, one in which black people invented everything from the plough to the large hadron collider, and still had enough puff to win two world wars. Here is a fun experiment you can try at home. Google ‘white inventors’. Do it now. I’ll wait here. *Hums popular tune* Are you back? Curious experience, what?

What is Google trying to say with this pictorial statement? That you are not allowed to use their search engine to look up white achievement? That history has been suppressed and altered by the evil white man, so that it appears that Gutenberg invented the moveable type press and not its actual creator, Winston Umbongo? As post-punk band The Only Ones sang in 1979, you might think this is funny, but I’m not laughing.

The New York Times, that acme of American metropolitan middle-class twattery, has asked why it is that America, on its Memorial Weekend, feels it has to celebrate white supremacy. You see how this is working? The military victories of the past, the victories in hot and cold wars against the likes of Hitler and the USSR, are now part of a vicious and racist, Illuminati-like historical power play intended to do down the black man. The piece is, naturally, more about the American Civil War, but the principle holds good. You can read the NYT article here and make up your own minds. (You do have to create a free account). Note that the byline is by the whole editorial board, like The Economist, and also the lead picture, a bullet designed to look like a Ku Klux Klan robe.

It is very easy to be glib about this whole stinking mess, but it is deadly serious. The more urban blacks – who have already gone doolally over Memorial Weekend, just check the shooting figures for Chicago – are force-fed ‘white supremacy’ like grain stuffed down the neck of a foie gras goose, the more they are going to translate that into dead white people. If you have bought the sucker line that there is some sort of white racist offensive against blacks in America, think again. Despite what bumptious stringers like Ta-Nehisi Coates write about the desecration of ‘black bodies’, the opposite is true. Isn’t it always so with the Left?

If the Left want a race war – and they do, desperately – then the rhetoric of white supremacy will get it for them. Anyone with a functioning higher cortex and a weather eye on the racial dysfunction that is modern America can see that blacks are the house pets of white Leftists, allowed to sleep on the end of the bed if they don’t make a mess.

It is, of course, a spectacle without dignity, as is so much about the modern Left, but it is far more dangerous than mere dented decorum. This schtick about white supremacy is getting people killed. Have a little look at Paul Kersey’s weblog, Stuff Black People Don’t Like Do it for a week and then look in the mirror and tell your reversed self that there is a racist white crime wave in America whose aim is to repress and kill blacks. You will only see these stories at Kersey’s blog. They will never make the MSM or, if they do, the ethnicities will be avoided. Kersey sources every story and posts daily. He almost always includes the entire original copy. This is not fake news.

If the world were a giant factory, the best thing white people can do is withdraw their support from the management and the floor. An ethnic general strike. It might straighten a few things out and stop all the clucking about ‘white supremacy’. We will leave you with an excerpt from a teacher’s account of working in an ‘inner city’ school;

One day I asked the bored, black faces staring back at me; “What would happen if all the white people in America disappeared tomorrow?”

We screwed”, a young, pitch-black boy screamed back. The rest of the blacks laughed.

A White Teacher Speaks Out, Christopher Jackson

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