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Paul Cézanne, Self-portrait, 1875

This is the age of division. Those politicians who state that a certain event ‘will not divide us’ missed the bus. We were already split down the middle like a fire-log, a house divided among itself, schizophrenic and in opposition to one another, tawdry Montagues and squalid Capulets. The media is no different; by their reading material shall ye know them.

This is the eighth issue of British Intelligence, and we do consider ourselves to be a small part in the wheezing contraption that is the political Right. In terms of resistance, we are not exactly Albert Camus editing Combat during WW2, but we and our writers, unpaid, feel that we have something either to inform, educate or entertain, the original mission statement of the BBC. For there are now two distinct strands of the media, official and unofficial, like the biographies of people on the television.

Essentially, the two media fall into the categories of paid and unpaid. It seems a little too cute to point out that a paid writer is beholden to whoever holds the purse-strings, who is in turn beholden to others. The unpaid writer writes with their conscience. Mainstream media is basically a defender of the status quo, happy to amplify the government line on coronoavirus, Islam, BLM, immgration, education and anything else of import to the (common) cause. We have a government which is managing decline, and a media which is carrying water for the project.

And then there are the dissident media, the little backwaters and oases where some genuine work on a sick and ailing culture is in progress. The Western governmental complex is not altogether keen on this idea. The internet should be somewhere where one can shop and watch pornography, with occasional sporadic bursts of tarnished news and an up-to-the-second update on what exactly is happening both on television and to the people on television. It should not be some counter-cultural agora where refuseniks can meet up and air their unsavoury views.

So it is that big tech have become the provisional wing of government. The media can take care of itself, big tech can harass the bad boys and girls. Say what you like about Hitler and Stalin, they kept surveillance and censorship in-house; no reaching out to the private sector for Adolf or Uncle Joe.

So, now that the worst sort of people, who have been undergoing a latte revolution all my lifetime, have finally grasped the bucking reins of power, who exactly is going to speak truth to that power? It certainly won’t be the MSM.

There is a sort of greasy feel to the way the MSM chop out their op-ed, which is what much of modern news is (as Alastair Campbell pointed out, and he should know), and a terrible awareness that a cordon insanitaire has been thrown up around certain concepts, questions, and even facts. Of course, journalists of our acquaintance are there to remind us that the MSM is actually the news hub, the cartel of cartels, and that kitchen lap-top samizdatniks will not be going out in the field of battle any time soon.

But that of course depends entirely on where the field of battle is. There was a time when the EU could be spun out as news, but reportage on this crumbling asylum is now as relevant as an end-of-season dead rubber between two unglamorous teams neither of whom can win or lose anything. The Americans are still trying to flog Russia. Not literally, you understand, but as another hoary way to get at Trump, their only obsession. If I were Putin, I would only read American Left-wing newspapers on the same principle as the old Jew in the park during Weimar. His friend is gloomily reading a Jewish newspaper but he is perusing a German newspaper and enjoying it immensely. ‘What is so enjoyable?’ says the other. ‘How can you read that trash?’ ‘But’, replies the man, ‘if I read your newspaper, I see only how downtrodden the Jews are. With this one, I read that we are all-powerful’.

All-powerful, in its modern setting, means big tech. These are the people who will be deciding the American election, on the premise that Americans are stupid enough not to be able to make up their own minds over the coming ballot, and can be swayed with a cut here and a boost there. To deny that conservative viewpoints are being heavily censored is an insolent lie. It is happening and it is happening all the time.

There is an interesting little tale about big tech censorship. There is a YouTuber called I, Hypocrite who produces videos once a week or so. They are over an hour long, and contain almost completely footage from hand-held cameras. There is nothing on the film montage apart from citizen recording, apart from TV snippets. These films are actually hypnotically entertaining, with an occasional dark soundtrack. They feature mob violence, beatings, riots, transgender people, commentary, more violence, Tik Tok moronism. As with the hidden nature of the world, there is a lot of black-on-white violence, and this is reversed only in self-defence. These films are an extraordinary look into the hideousness of the ordinary. And, of course, each new video lasts a day or two before it is taken down. This type of what one might call 'mayfly content' is becoming common.

This is a very dangerous time, but not for those the media hold up as victims. The real victims are decent people, who asked for none of this and will have to put up with a whole hell of a lot more of it, provided they are of the right (wrong) skin tone.

And that is what the dissident media is here to highlight. The elites, the complex, want you reading the regular media, soaking up the narrative like gravy with a sop of bread. So don´t do that. Investigate the back waters, read yourself fitter, look at the sites and the pages they don´t want you to look at, just say no, think for yourselves.

And if British Intelligence makes you think - in any stripe of opinion - then our modest effort will have been worthwhile. You are at war, whether you like it or not, and you must use whichever weapons come to hand.

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