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Danger! May contain Conservative thinking.

With the Alt. Left, it is axiomatic that they are never finished. Just when your sensibilities have recovered from the latest sacking over a Tweet, the most recent writing of transgender whimsy into law, the freshest example of the police and the media facilitating mentally unbalanced shock troops of a psychotic revolution, back they come and astonish once more.

You will undoubtedly know this story by now, which would be extraordinary and comical if

you were not told that the Alt. Left are behind it. Rishi Sunak is the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, a recent appointment. He was pictured holding a huge bag of teabags made by a well-known company called Yorkshire Tea. This is, incidentally, an excellent cuppa. I prefer Assam loose-leaf tea myself, with its peaty, coffee-like flavor, but for instant this is a good bet. They like their tea in Yorkshire.

The Left pounced, like kittens on a ping-pong ball.

In passing, it is worth noting that, even though Sunak and his Home Secretary colleague Priti Patel are Asian – a protected species for the Left – they are also Tories, which trumps their skin colour. The Alt. Left has a pecking order, a bit like a playground game of Top Trumps (although they are probably not allowed to use that phrase). Given that the Alt. Left are stunted, cruel children, this is quite apt.

That same Alt. Left demanded that the product be boycotted for the sin of being in proximity to Sunak, who was brewing up for his colleagues, a much-loved Yorkshire teabag being snapped with a hated Tory scumbag. This was despite someone quickly digging out a photo of Jeremy Corbyn, who is still on the shoulders of the Labour Party like the Old Man of the Sea, with exactly the same product. What came next, though, was most heartening, and a lesson to many who have fallen foul of the new Cheka.

The company, unlike so many pussy-whipped public figures, TV mannequins, sports pansies and companies, not only did not apologise, they deflected the ravings of the many-headed and malevolent hydra that is the Alt. Left with, grace, charm, politeness and poise, not words that would be familiar to the mongrel hordes of the Twitter mob. It was wonderful to see and a salutary lesson.

Of course, the Alt. Left have simply invited what they hate most and can deal with least; ridicule. The genuinely stupid despise this useful rhetorical medium because – like any trope of humour – they can’t do it. Twitter is always a joy when a pulse of anti-Left fun-poking runs through it.

We hope that Yorkshire Tea sees a deserved uptick in its sales revenue. The genuine mouth-breathers and window lickers of the Leftwaffe (not our phrase, but apparently that of @MarcherLord1 on Twitter. Credit where it is due. Drop by and praise) will stop buying it, but they probably only drank tea made from sustainable deer urine to begin with.

There is no point in saying ‘when will these people learn’ because they can’t learn. We actually applaud this type of behaviour because, with every day that passes, more and more normal people on the Left will look aghast and think, I am implicitly bracketed with these imbeciles. Is that what I want for my life?

And so, before we tuck into the lunchtime bottle of Jack Daniels, a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea, wethinks. One for each cup, one for the pot, and one for the mongoloid Left.

Photo credit - astocker

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