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German academics, preparing to give their lecture earlier this morning

German academia. We know. It’s the kind of phrase that strikes fear into any right-thinking person. There is a sort of academic running race with obstacles going on in Europe at the moment, a little like Monty Python’s upper-class twit of the year race. Formerly cultured and intelligent, as well as being liberal in the nice way, and respecting the rights of genuine minorities who might not find life so easy, many of Europe’s countries, led by their universities - have made a break for the finish line ahead of the pack, like lemmings on steroids racing for the highest cliff-edge. Sweden leads, a caliphate in waiting. Spain is coming up on the rails, post-Salvini Italy is showing well in the middle of the pack… (Could you check with Flash Harry before you use horse-racing imagery? Ed.).

Anyway, we had figured that German academia now resembled soldiers roped together in some basement in Bavaria in 1942, while a monocled and scarred officer – probably played by Philip Madoc - slaps one leather glove into another and laughs softly and says, for you, the war is over.

But was ist das? Resistance? We thought that was futile. The right-of-centre (note to Leftists; This means they are Nazis and fascists and racists and probably kitten jugglers to boot) political party gaining ground in Deutschland, the AfD (Alternative fur Deutschland), has publicised the findings of a study by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation which suggests that German academics are less than enamoured with the current Maoist state of public debate. And it is debate which is the target of those jolly, lederhosen-wearing students who will not allow voices other than state-approved ones to hold the floor.

Take Susanne Schrőter, expert on the sociology of Islam at Goethe University (how long will it be called that?) in Frankfurt. She organised and chaired a debate on the headscarf, the question being was this visible symbol of an entire culture’s retardation dignified or oppressive? Possibly that may have been lost in translation at the BI Language Unit. She is now fighting for her academic life. How long before people like these are in an ICU somewhere fighting for their actual lives?

This woman is an interesting case study. Her area of expertise should be useful to the ummah, consolidating its power base as it is in Germany. But you can only be an expert in Islam if you say the right things about it. It is much like those defenders of Islam who tell you should learn more about the religion. Then, when you reel off a dozen books you have read on the subject, they say, no, not those sort of books. We mean books about how Muslims invented everything and how Jews are the sons of pigs. Those ones. And you can buy two and we’ll throw in Mein Kampf.

Although free speech is an endangered species across the veldt of Western academia, there are stirrings of dissent to be found in the study, with many academics noting that their freedom of speech has been heavily curtailed by the politically correct atmosphere. The study also reveals another paradox of the new Leftist cancel culture. After students disrupted his lectures, Professor Bernd Lucke, who co-founded the AfD but went on to disassociate himself from the party, had to be placed under police protection. So, the end result of all the rubber-hatted students’ high jinks was to cost the state even more money than Islam has already cost it. More taxes for these students’ Muttis und Fatis and, in the future – and provided they can find work – for them.

But the study really only indicated reeds in a strong wind. The future of Germany is Islamic and, to have a caliphate, you must do the preparatory work. In this case, this means eradicating free speech and debate over the Muslim question.

Germany is not so much über alles these days, more oben Scheiss Kreek ohne paddel.

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