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And the ones that Socialism gives you don't do anything at all

Elon Musk has a name that sounds as though it is either a new line of women’s scent or an anagram. His moniker aside, the PayPal billionaire who went into the electric car business is making waves among his deep state colleagues for not quite adhering to the playbook, and it is always a surprise to see the super-rich break ranks. It’s like hearing Owen Jones refer to ‘cross-dressers’ and ‘trannies’.

But the Muskrat may have been on the red pills. It isn’t his creation of 20,000 flame-throwers – which quickly sold out – or his stated attention to shoot one of his Tesla cars in the general direction of Mars that is making the business community sit him on the naughty step. These just make him seem pleasingly eccentric. Perhaps he is becoming a success victim in a cronyocracy which values success only if it greases – or in this case, oils – the right palms. After all, what use is an electric car if it means the West can’t pay some fat Arab for the oil?

Musk’s new electric truck was racking up orders like Michael Moore at Krispy Kreme until Vinnie the Virus and his government enforcers closed down Musk’s California factory, prompting him to borrow a phrase from the other team and call the move ‘fascist’. The slightly cherubic tycoon was just getting started. ‘Politicians who stole our liberty should be tarred, feathered and thrown out of town’, he snarled. Well, voicing what the vast majority are thinking is always going to make you the best man in Sodom.

Next stop, the barricades. Musk gave the order to re-open his factory, sued the county, put himself on the line by asking that if arrests were made it just be him, and generally emerged from a ‘phone-booth as a sort of Corporate Libertarian Man.

Musk’s sudden unilateral activism preceded by a couple of weeks the current lockdown protests and quasi-civil-disobedience occurring across Europe and the USA (not that you would know that from the MSM, where the scant mention of protestors is to cast them on the moral level of transphobes and people who say there are only 11 genders). Is Elon Musk himself gender-transitioning into the marauding popsy with her hooters out in Delacroix’s famous French Revolution painting Liberty Leading the People?

For behind what the MSM are trying to portray as Musk’s posturing (sounds like a tiny Hamlet in Wiltshire) is surely a Libertarian principle. Business moguls thrive on risk. That’s what venture capitalism is, in that if you don’t make the venture you don’t get to join in the capitalist rave. But you aren’t supposed to be a card-carrying capitalist master of the universe and take the red pill.

For those of you unfamiliar with the red and blue pills of the Matrix sci-fi film franchise, they are a bit like the pills that Mother gave you in Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit, except that the red pill strips away the nature of the universe revealing the truth, while the blue pill keeps you soporifically acquiescent in a staged and maintained reality. The meme has been adopted by the dissident Right.

So when Musk Tweeted ‘Take the red pill!’ followed by the red rose of Socialism, social media and the business world joined forces to defenestrate a businessman who also irritates modern sensibilities by changing glamorous girlfriends like other people change channels.

We will be watching the future career of Muskie (as Deputy Dawg called his sidekick, Muskrat) with considerable interest, and predict a possible tilt at politics for the future. If there is a wave of broad-based Libertarian Conservatism waiting to replace cultural Marxism should it fall from grace with God (hurry, day, hurry!) then the people might have a little job for you, Elon…

The whole saga would not be complete without a very modern footnote. The director of the Matrix films made the usual yapping sound about Musk using the red pill analogy, as though cinematic memes are somehow copyright. The director and his brother were known as the Wachowski brothers at the time of the making of the first movie. Guess what they’re known as now, we double dog-dare ya. That’s right. The Wachowski sisters.

As Bob Dylan almost sang, the times they are a changin’…

Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson

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