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Forget Islamists, beware the far-Right! Photo taken at a car-boot sale in Surrey earlier today

We have become used to semantic displacement or, as Barry Shand calls it, ‘arseing about with words’. We don’t normally defer to Barry unless he is very drunk and has that look in his eye, but on this occasion we will put to one side the language of the intellectual, and pay more attention to the vocabulary of this rude drawer of water and hewer of wood.

One word which has been royally arsed about with is ‘terrorist’, particularly in the formula ‘terrorist-related’. Essentially, this means ‘a Muslim did it’, whatever hideous act of violence it happens to be this week. Of course, part of the art of appeasement is never to mention the creed of those you are appeasing unless they are doing some footling act intended to fool you into thinking they like you, and the smug beardies that run the Muslim Council of Britain will keep a weather eye on any statement made by members of Her Majesty’s Government’s law enforcers – to use that quaint old term – to make sure it is appropriately anodyne.

Afterwards comes the post mortem, not merely of the innocent trio slaughtered like halal cattle in Reading, but of the current situation concerning the terrorist. It has become as predictable now as the words ‘officers are in attendance’. Lone wolf, mental health issues (it is actually a moot point as to whether Islam should be a condition available for reference in DSM V, I suppose), motive unclear. There was one new caveat, of course, with the slot-mouthed copper who made the statement stressing that this was in no way connected with the BLM protest that had finished earlier in the day in Reading town centre.

Then there was the one phrase they, and the government, and the media, and liberals across the country, all dread the most. The killer ‘was ‘known to security services’.

This is, as Americans used to say, the real doozy. In the context of Islamist terrorism, Tommy Robinson is ‘known to security services’, and that is the reason he is always in fucking jail.

The British people, those of them who can still be bothered to ask the wearisome question of how someone known to intelligence services is free to butcher three strangers, will want to know why this Libyan maniac was not either behind bars or banjaxed by Lithium in a psychiatric ward, or both, since they also apparently knew he had mental health issues. A cynic might offer the following reason for his deadly reign of liberty.

Whereas the protection, air-brushing and boosting of brand Islam has been the priority for the police for many years, there is a new imperative; If there is any violence, murder in particular, Black Lives Matter (BLM) must not only be disconnected, but placed as far as possible from the grim action. The media knows well the art of what magicians call misdirection, getting you to look over here when you should be looking over there. Thus, wary of the fact that BLM in America has gone doolally, it may be time to let a few Islamic crazies chop up a few collateral infidels to distract the great unwashed.

There is another possibility, of course. We here at British Intelligence have never believed the mean things folk say about our namesakes at British intelligence. We think they know exactly what is going on, and the Keystone Kops schtick is just a ruse. But, playing along with the ‘they are all incompetent’ brigade for a while, let us pay heed to the words and counsel of one Colonel Richard Kemp, who is described in the media as ‘a leading intelligence expert’;

“An obsession with catching far-right extremists in Britain is diverting police, MI5 agents and public money away from stopping more dangerous jihadis, a leading intelligence expert warned today.

Colonel Richard Kemp told MailOnline he thought the counter-terror focus has lurched too far towards the far-right and is a ‘pretence’ to ‘appease the sort of people that do want to damage the UK such as Islamic terrorists and the hard-left’.”

Bang goes the knighthood, Colonel. You are not supposed to give the game away. We are sure there are far-Right nimrods out there with their old Combat-18 sweatshirts, faded now with washing, but the far Right is largely an invention of the Left, a bogeyman to distract and confuse.

The top anti-terrorism officer in the UK is – sigh – one Anil Kanto Basu, whose biography is peppered with the usual complaints about the systemic racism that has jet-propelled him to the top of his fabulously well-paid tree. This is his two bobs’ worth;

‘Britain’s top anti-terror cop Neil Basu [NB. ‘Neil’ is what ‘Anil Kanto’ means in Hindi, or Bantu, or Venusian, or whatever his parents were] has repeatedly said that right-wing extremism poses the fastest growing terror threat to the UK while Home Secretary Priti Patel told the Commons this afternoon that since 2017 they have foiled 25 terrorist plots – with just eight driven by right-wing ideologies.

‘Right-wing ideologies’ are, of course, anything not specifically and demonstrably Islamic or Left-wing. As for ‘fastest growing’, if me and Barry Shand decide to form a Right-wing terror group called, I don’t know, Baader-Shandhoff, and we recruit our two mates from the Stevedore’s Arms – where they don’t even let you in sober – then we have grown by 100% overnight and are the fastest-growing Right-wing threat in the UK.

It is all so transparently feeble, but no one in the MSM seems all that bothered. Far easier to work yourself up into a lather over a banner flown over the football ground of a team supported by Alastair ‘sexed-up’ Campbell. Incidentally, Burnley’s manager said that the dread banner ‘affected’ his team. They lost 0-5 at home. But it was the banner wot dun it, not the fact that they are shite at football.

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