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Less important than a green new deal, apparently

To call London’s pint-sized mayor Sadiq Khan odious would be to do a grave disservice to the genuinely odious, concerning whom a saving grace can usually be found if sought. He is inept even by the standards of the British Left, arrogant, none too bright and without question a Muslim fifth-columnist who wants nothing less that Islam, shariah and all the other delightful trappings of a medieval mindset.

To begin with, this beaky upstart oversteps his remit, spending time attacking President Trump, which is none of the business of a London mayor whose city is a battlefield – we will return to that – and it was pleasing to see Trump treating him with the disdain he deserves.

Like all politicians, he observes the expedient and apes it without delay, in Khan’s most recent case announcing that all genders (we haven’t checked today to see how many there are, as the number blats ever upward like the meter on a Kensington Hackney cab) are of equal value. One imagines the raised eyebrows of Imams across the capital at this kind of talk, but Khan will have squared it with them first and received the official rubber stamp of taqqiya, the Koran-sanctioned doctrine which pardons lying in the cause of Islam.

His latest spell of idiocy involves what American bimbo Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – the horse-faced psycho currently working as a judge on a show about drag queens – calls a ‘green new deal’. The details are vague, in keeping with the hollering of the climate change junta generally, but as David Kurten, a black UKIP London Council member pointed out, there is a slightly more pressing problem facing London in, as Justin Trudeau would phrase it, the current year.

London is being nick-named ‘stab city’. Stabbings spiral ever upwards, the police won’t do anything about it ‘for fear of being labelled racist’- a phrase which has cost more lives than the one with ‘and hanged by the neck until you be dead’ ever did – and Khan is directly responsible for this, having campaigned on a ticket to eradicate the common-sense practice of stop and search. Incidentally, one reason given for this moratorium, several years ago, is that ‘black boys don’t like to be touched’. That doesn’t exactly explain the rash of babymammas across Britain’s capital, but there we are. It was a psychologist who said it, so it must be true.

Khan’s response to this bloodbath? He spent a great deal of taxpayers’ money – and he boasts openly about having raised council tax to the legal maximum – on a ‘hate crime hub’, encouraging people to report mean-spirited social media comments. Well, I suppose it keeps the police out of harm’s way. Better to confront someone who has used some sharp words than someone wielding a sharp instrument. And thereby hangs a tale.

Khan’s ulterior motive in not shaking down black youths – or ‘youths’ as the MSM call them, only mentioning ethnicity in the case of white criminals – has to do with the animosity between Muslims and blacks in the capital. Anyone who has lived there, as we here at BI have, in some cases having been born there, will have noted this obvious fact of city life. Young Muslims may ape the infantile ebonics of blacks in their speech, but the two factions do not rub along in the approved multicultural manner, and are not much given to the notion of diversity, preferring ghettoes both geographical and intellectual.

So, Sadiq Khan couldn’t care less about dead black boys, as long as they are not of the tribe of the ummah. For Khan and his ilk, the only good black is a convert to Islam. He uses the race card – which non-white in power doesn’t? – as a tool of division, not unification.

This ‘green new deal’, then, is just another approved way of diverting money from the police and having to find wasteful new ways to spend it which doesn’t involving searching black kids for weapons. And it is black youths who are the problem, even the liar’s liar Tony Blair admitted this. And they tend overwhelmingly to kill other black kids. Perhaps that’s for fear of being labelled racist.

London is not Chicago, Detroit or Baltimore, but every day, and with every stabbing, gang manhunt and daylight robbery it inches ever closer. Add to this the obvious horror of being stabbed to the families of the victims and the cost to the NHS of treating wounds, and violence is costing the city of London more as well. Still, at least Liberals can sleep tight at night in the non-violent parts of London, happy and safe in the knowledge that they are not climate-change deniers.

London is on a knife edge.

Photo credit - Fornax


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