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Cometh the hour, cometh the Magyar


The elites are like family members who turn up at the funeral to see if there is any money for them in the will, and then start a fight at the family dinner afterwards. There is no sense of suspended political activity during the current pestilence, quite the opposite. The globalist factions across the world are making sure that the whole coronavirus saga – where is our Norse or Greek poet to chronicle this for us in verse? – is policed just the same as you are on social media. Protect brand China, and isolate and ostracise anyone who acts contrary to the diktats of the playbook. Just use the Islamic model of censorship you have put together over the past decade.

Don’t call the virus ‘Chinese’. Report any corona-related offensive remarks. LIKE FUCKING WHAT? Calling someone ‘Sneezy’ out of The Seven Dwarves? Snitch on your neighbor if they don’t clap the diversity officers of the NHS. Don’t walk your dog on a lonely moor unless you want to be buzzed by police drones. And don’t, whatever you do, be the leader of an Eastern European country, the V4 in particular, who decides to do things their way.

Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister who looks like a retired rugby league player, has long been a Magyar thorn in the side of the flabby, pasty EU. Emerging from a tough history fighting Communism (immediate black mark, or mark of colour) and without mentioning it, he has firmly signaled his intention to keep Hungary a white ethno-state. You may as well rebuild Auschwitz, as far as the Pansy Left [® George Orwell] are concerned. Hungary politely declined the offer of an unrestrained influx of low social capital, and suddenly he’s a Bond villain on an underground island with a cat.

Now, the gutmenschen of the EU want Hungary thrown out. Let’s just unpack that. This is unelected spokespeople for a self-installed federal body telling a democratically elected national leader that he should not protect his country, from literal infection or the more metaphorical kind.

That’s right. Now, Orbán has delegated to himself supreme executive powers, and of course alarm bells start ringing. Now they’re acting as the EU would act, in their ideal dystopia. But what the europhile press present it as is more or less a military coup. In fact, Orbán is putting in to place a recognised instrument of the Hungarian constitution. Usually lasting for 14 days, this has been extended. Orbán is allowed to make governmental decisions relevant to the virus. So far, he has shown himself to be the most competent leader in the EU. No wonder the Euro-puppets swanking in Brussels hate him.

But we must not mistake a battle on one front for the war. The big fight here sounds like a Marvel comic; Orbán vs. Soros. These two heavyweights – in their different divisions – have been squaring up for some time. Soros, you will recall, is the one who looks like Davros, the bloke who built the Daleks. The personality bears a resemblance too. Soros is so old it doesn’t matter to him anymore. Why play Monopoly when you can have more fun upending the board and throwing the pieces at the other players?

Orbán is relatively young, and he is a Hungarian through and through. This core-based nationalism is, to the EU, a relic from the past, like a spinning-wheel or a hand-scythe, something that was useful in its time – because it led to the EU – but now to be consigned to an ideological museum of curios and antiquities.

Orbán has already offered tax breaks to families with three or more children. The EU take that, correctly, to mean white, Hungarian children. He has closed his border to the type of Muslim influx which is raising hell in other EU countries, no matter how desperately the MSM try to maintain otherwise. People are noticing, and the MSM is no longer the only game in town, despite the efforts of big tech and their social media enforcers. Orbán has encouraged European families to move to Hungary if they wish to escape the EU. There are already German takers. It could be that eastern Europe becomes the best bet for a different type of refugee.

So far, we know the migrant crisis as one-way traffic. They are Muslim economic migrants, of course, although they are being portrayed as fleeing the horrors of war – which the West may have started precisely to create such an influx - or escaping torture in the failed states they leave. (70% of world refugees are Muslim at any given time). Soon, there will be ‘climate-change migrants’, and then all bets are off, in whichever currency you choose, because that will be when the world migration crisis starts. Once Nicaraguans decide it’s just too hot and they would prefer Graz, just watch the NGOs make that happen.

But what if that great migration reverses, to however small a degree? What if European families begin moving east, the white flight for a long time apparent from many American cities but taking place on a continent? Think of how Hungary and the V4 countries (the Visegrád 4 also comprises Czechia, Poland and Slovakia, and they are all in hot water in Brussels for similar reasons to Orbán) would benefit from a 1970s-style ‘brain drain’? Who would soon – at least, soon in world-historical terms -be the upcoming power bloc?

So, there remains the possibility that the EU wants to throttle the goose that is currently laying golden eggs. Scold the V4 at your peril, O European quid-store overlords, because they might not be so nice to you, when you pass on escalators of the future, both travelling in different directions.

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