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Dr. Steve, general practitioner of truth

On a subject not unrelated to yesterday’s little homily, and because there is no one obnoxious enough in today’s news for us to assassinate their characters, we here at the very nerve centre of British Intelligence have elected to shine a light on one of the good guys. In fact, we may even have good guy/gal Thursdays for a while. Ask not why. You’re worth it and we care.

Dr. Steve Turley is a YouTuber who has, so far, avoided the ongoing Kristallnacht at the supposedly public access channel. As many dissident YouTubers have found out, public access means that it is only a certain section of the public whose views you can access. The others must stand outside in the cold looking at the gay revelers within the manor house of big tech.

Dr. Turley, a big amiable bear of a man who presents like your favourite uncle coming over for Christmas, has a simple presentation format. He doesn’t have the graphics or snark (or language) of Paul Joseph Watson or even Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), the impish glee and ridicule of Mark Dice, or the anarchic macho of Gavin McInnes, but he is not aiming there. He takes a topic a day and presents it in a 12-minute video. Simple as. He has just covered the US media implosion, with details of lay-offs and the ongoing slump of the MSM, the new Biden tapes, and a favourite figure of fun for Dr. Turley, Emmanuel Macron, the boy-king of the new French caliphate.

Dr. Turley makes no secret of his Christianity, and this is strongly allied with what is something of a catchphrase of his, ‘welcome to the new conservative age’. Video op-ed such as this helps to illustrate the faults and stress lines in the trembling structure of cultural Marxism and its discontents, with the hope it will finally collapse and usher in the new age of which Dr. Turley speaks. Dr. Turley is certainly as far from the Alt. Right as Michael Moore is from the salad aisle. Whatever happened to the Alt. Right, by the way? One imagines them touring Britain’s seaside towns in years to come, like The Bay City Rollers but with only the bassist and rhythm guitarist left.

One of the great modern myths is that conservatism is defined by authoritarianism, censorship, surveillance and all the other apparatus of totalitarianism, when it is in fact quite clearly the Left who invest ideologically and utterly in these re-treads of history. The current purging of any and all YouTube content that is not just right of centre, but which deviates in any way from a playbook written by governments and edited by men in Silicon Valley who think wearing a T-shirt when you give a lecture is some kind of statement of equality with the rest of us. If anyone wore a T-shirt to work here, no quail’s eggs for them at luncheon.

No, it is the Left who seek to control the truth, ‘curate’ it, to use a weasel word once used by community activist Barack Obama. YouTubers who manage to get their content out, even for a limited time before takedown, are almost always demonetised as well. YouTubers are like stevedores on the dockside in 1930s America, waiting for the guy with the work slips and hoping he throws one their way.

But to return to the good doctor. In addition to daily videos, Dr. Turley also provides a good range of back-up literature, the list of worthwhile dissident news sites being invaluable. One wonders how long it will be before this type of teaching aid will be deemed verboten by the curators. Although he may not exactly look like a fierce maquis Resistance fighter, the fact that Dr. Steve Turley, and others, are sniping away from the hills is a far more important battle than it may now appear.

There are truths. We must not allow the post-modernes to impose their dreary thought structures on us with their dropsical chatterings about a ‘post-truth world’. These people need, in our considered opinion, to be living in a post-fist-in-the-face world. But that is for another day.

The problem with truth is that they are letting brand managers get hold of it, and this type of creature demands ever greater control. YouTubers such as Dr. Turley patiently explain smaller, event-based truths, and gradually larger truths emerge. Go to YouTube, type in Steve Turley, and prepare for an agreeable and cheerful romp through today’s Leftist fun-fair. As the man himself says, smack that subscribe button and let’s dive right in.

The doctor will see you now.

Photo credit: Dr. Steve Turley

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