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Hey Greta, You may need to change the act. You've got competition

Thank heaven for little girls.

Lerner and Loewe, Gigi

The men don’t know

But the little girls understand.

Howlin’ Wolf, Back Door Man

In this age of decline, debauch and desensitisation, girls in the news are often linked to paedophilia and child trafficking. How refreshing, then, to see two young ladies at the gateway to life featuring as something other than victims of the predations of men who both live in and bring darkness. As we shall see, however, this does not mean that at least one of them is not a victim of a cultural phenomenon with a sinister nature of its own.

Greta Thunberg is a 17-year-old Swede who has made global headlines with her pleas for action on climate change, the deleterious and man-made effects of which are taken as a given by a fawning press and their political masters. She is clearly emotionally unstable but, in her defence, has Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition with a range of effects including a lack of empathy and emotional frustration.

Naomi Seibt is two years old than Ms. Thunberg, and represents the other side of the climate change debate, such as it is. A German gymnast, her age advantage – two years is important at this stage - allows her to parse the climate change narrative more finely than the younger Greta is able to do, and she is also a convert from Ms. Thunberg’s position, having had a Damascene conversion in which she realized that, in her own words, ‘many topics such as feminism, gender, Socialism, post-modernism and climate change…’ were all connected and mutually supportive, elements in a globalist push for what she baldly calls ‘a new totalitarianism’. Wise words from one so young.

Climate change – which Seibt calls a ‘dangerous new religion’ - is the 21st-century version of the medieval Catholic system of purgatorial indulgences, the rejection of which led to Martin Luther’s sparking the tinderbox of the Reformation in the 16th century. Profess that you care about Gaia and you can go to media and political heaven. Question dogma, and it is the other place for you, heretic.

So, making money from the fear felt by ordinary people is scarcely a new concept. It is the core idea behind the insurance industry, for example. But whereas broken legs, crashed cars and burgled houses are all clear and present dangers, there is no such certainty about climate change. It looks very much like a chimaera, the invention by a cynical deep state of a bogey-man to scare the children. Instead, it is the children who are trying to scare us. The phrase ‘the science is settled’ is the fallacious motto of the climate change industry, as used cynically by the charlatan Obama. They have clearly not read Sir Karl Popper on falsifiability. To paraphrase the great philosopher: If it is science, it isn’t settled, and if is settled, it isn’t science.

There is also the cultural strength and charisma of the climate change lobby, which is not confined to politicians and business magnates, but has Hollywood and the pop music industry as a key regiment in its offensive against science. As probably the foremost opportunity for bored celebrities to virtue-signal, apocalyptic climate change is of course the cause du jour. What do you give the over-rated actor who has everything? Armageddon.

And so little Greta is the poster girl for this ongoing hoax. She travels across the Atlantic to attend a climate change conference, and her mode of transport is some eco-friendly yacht (with a diesel engine in the back in case the green option doesn’t work, naturally). By the sound of conditions aboard ship, this amounts to child abuse. Her people all travelled across by aeroplane, a hurtful and demonic mode of transport for the little people, but a necessary evil for Al Gore and Leonardo de Caprio.

Greta’s career is being carefully stage-managed. Her parents are in the entertainment business, and they sure know a good marketing ploy when they see one. When Greta has outlived her Warholian quarter of an hour of fame, and her books are in the remainder store for a couple of euros, we wonder how she is going to cope with that. She says she can ‘see’ ozone. We can just see exploitation.

This is not the first time the globalists have all but pimped young girls to voice their message. In 1992, 12-year-old Severn Cullis-Suzuki spoke to the UN using rhetoric Thunberg’s people would later boost via the autistic girl’s poor control over her emotional responses. ‘Do not forget’, says the amiable, mature-sounding Cullis-Suzuki to the assembled delagates, ‘why you are attending these conferences. We are your children’. By 2019, this had been pared down to Thunberg’s melodramatic, heartstring-tugging (for some), ‘how dare you?’

Naomi Seibt is a cheering tonic to the cybernetic patter of Greta, Our Lady of the Ozone Layer. Seibt displays a working knowledge of science, and is currently studying psychology, in addition to her gymnastic skills. She has the incisive mind of the natural scientist, not the weepy, petulant doggerel of the natural activist.

So, the moppet with the psychological disorder will get to have her photo taken with the stars, all of whom will rush to be seen with this new totem in the hope that the fairy dust will rub off, as happened with Obama. But she is just another tawdry paste gemstone on a media charm bracelet. The same stars will not, perforce, go anywhere near Seibt. It would be career death, whatever they secretly believe.

The MSM will also not touch Naomi, of course, although the hit-pieces will begin if she begins to get a profile to rival Greta. Naomi’s mother, Karoline, first made her daughter aware of politics when she told her exactly what was happening in the first German migrant crisis in 2015. Naomi names Stefan Molyneux as an inspiration, and the press will be more than aware of Molyneux’s reputation. Wikipedia, a Leftist ‘encyclopaedia’, when it comes to figures a micron to the Right of centre, becomes pure Socialist op-ed. Here is the entry for Molyneux;

‘[A] far-Right white nationalist… known for his promotion of scientific racism and white supremacy… [he has] a perverse fixation with race and IQ’.

He is, of course, none of these things, but is a coolly dispassionate historian and philosopher with a knack for investigation from Aristotelean first principles. But, guilt by association will taint young Naomi Seibt.

It is fear which propels the climate-angst cohorts, but it is not fear of climate change. It is a naked, night-sweats fear of being ostracised by their peers for wrongthink, for going ideologically off-piste, for being shunned by the gutmenschen. Adults don’t much care if a friendship goes sour. They think it through and wave goodbye to their erstwhile chums if they think they have done the right thing. Children cannot bear to have their little friends turn their backs on them.

Naomi Seibt and Greta Thunberg. The former will make an interesting adult, and has already published accomplished essays such as A Deconstruction of Post-Modern Socialism and its Motives. The latter will be forced to be a child forever, like a Chinese girl with tightly bound feet and breasts. All the while, the Left will become more infantile and will thus pay more attention to children. The Right, if it knows anything at all, should know that it is time to put away childish things.

Photo credit - European Parliament

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