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We're sorry, sir, but if you have criticised Islam, just being black is not going to save you

We have seen the signs, the rustling of the wind in the reeds telling of the coming storm, the patter and plash of the first drops of rain…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is here. The Left are beginning to eat their children, the civil war has begun, it’s the Night of the Mong Knives.

As those of you reading from the political Right will be aware, the Greek god Cronus devoured his young after a prognostication that one of them would usurp him, and this is what the Left are doing, only it is the ideas that frighten them rather than a coup or insurrection. Interestingly, one of Cronus’ children was Hades, and the Left are certainly in for a hell of a time.

This week, it is the turn of the urbane and intelligent Trevor Phillips, who has been suspended from the Labour Party over claims of - yaaaaawn! – Islamophobia. Now, Phillips has been described as a ‘pioneer in race relations’, and for once the media may have come up with the mot juste. Giving every indication that the problems with race relations in Great Britain might actually be largely the fault of the black ‘community’ and not the hated whites who built what used to be a civilised society, however, he was always going to be sailing close to the wind(rush).

Speaking the truth is an unpardonable sin for the Leftwaffe, and Phillips, far from calling Muslims ‘towelheads’, or making jokes about their menfolk having carnal relations with goats, has angered Labour’s ideological paymasters in the Muslim Brotherhood by speaking the unspeakable in the shape of what has become known as the ‘Rotherham grooming gang scandal’ – although many other formerly pleasant English towns have been blighted by this cancer - mentioning that perhaps it would be a nice nod towards integration for Muslims to wear poppies during Remembrance Week, and noting the favourable attitude of many Muslims to the massacres at the offices of French satirical – and extremely unfunny – magazine Charlie Hebdo. He also made a joke about being named ‘Islamophobe of the year’.

As we know, the Left don’t do humour because they can’t, and this is why Milan Kundera’s 1967 novel The Joke – in which a Czech man goes to the gulag for writing a wisecrack about Stalin on a postcard - is going to become the 1984 of the next decade.

Now, people like Mr. Phillips look as out of place in the modern Labour Party as someone dressed for the Henley Regatta turning up at an urban rave, and we suspect that this may be an ongoing cull of the terminally sane from a party fast disappearing down the road to where Bernie Sanders lives.

As you may have guessed and gathered, we here at British Intelligence have as much affection for the modern British Labour Party as a Home Counties squire might have for the crack whore who has just moved in next door and, if they want to destroy themselves with this kind of cack-handed pandering to their new Mohammedan masters, along with insisting that there is no theoretical limit to the number of genders available in-store, they go with our blessing.

But, as with Sir Roger Scruton, Alastair Stewart and Graham Linehan, it seems to be society’s intellectuals that are being scapegoated by the Left. Okay, Linehan was a joke, but you take our point. If Labour ever got in, one suspects that they may go full Mao and just drag anyone with a treble-figure IQ through the streets with dunces’ caps on.

Labour are more or less run by the Muslim Brotherhood now. That is what the anti-Semitism was all about during Old Man Steptoe’s benighted reign, to gain Mussulman approval. Trevor Phillips, we note in passing, was one of the 24 people who publicly stated that they were refusing to vote Labour over this very issue, and this could be revenge for that. So, then. The party that was formed to protect and serve the British working class now has as its mission statement to protect brand Islam and serve their new masters.

If Trevor is clever, we hope that he refuses to go back into the fold if offered, writes a book about this tawdry affair, and spills some beans that need spilling. It is long past the time that this wretched party was consigned to the pedal-bin of history.

Photo credit: CC-BY-SA Stephan Röhl

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