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Papa was a Rolling Stone?

There was a dreadful hiatus, a lacuna if you will, concerning who was the most punchable person in politics after Nick Clegg reached the end of his Warholian 15 minutes of fame. But, as with all movies and comic books – a strange hybrid of which the modern West is rapidly becoming – cometh the hour, cometh the man.

We are all wearily familiar by now with ex-drama teacher Justin Trudeau. In his defence, perhaps if you grow up unsure as to whether your father was the man who bears your name, the most brutal Communist dictator of recent times, or one of the Glimmer Twins, it might spook the horses in the top field. His hobbies include crying on camera, wearing amusing socks, dressing up, explaining that we don’t say ‘mankind’, we say ‘peoplekind’, and pointing out that it is ‘the current year’.

Now, however, there is a national emergency, and the man of steel must emerge from the simp, soy-boy exterior. Predictably, though, come the wet-arse hour, Trudeau folds under questioning while protestors, newly augmented by anarcho-communists Antifa, block railway lines and actively attempt to derail trains. These actions, incidentally, prompted one concerned eco-Tweeter to worry that they may ‘injure someone and cause an environmental disaster’. A derailed train might injure someone. Yes, we suppose there might be a dislocated thumb or two, but what about Gaia?

Canadians are nice people, but you get the sense that a crucial component or two was left out on the production line. Voting Trudeau in not once but twice is like stepping in dog shit and then tasting it to see if it really was dog-shit. Pause and collect your thoughts for a moment. A rabble are blocking railway lines, causing major disruption and cancellations, blockading lines, often with burning tyres (is that eco-friendly?) and allegedly armed. The police show up, watch from a distance, then go away again. Vigilante groups go in themselves and break down squatter camps and are warned that they are breaking the law. You can stop collecting your thoughts now and go back to screaming into a pillow.

The ‘message’ that politicians love so much – it goes with the ‘optics’ – is that mob rule is government-sanctioned. Trudeau is mincing around scolding people and lying to the press while lives are put at risk on a daily basis by people breaking the law with impunity. Trudeau talks a lot about ‘empowerment’, particularly and apparently unironically about both women and Muslims, criticism of whom has now been made all but illegal in the frozen north. He is now, by his sissy-boy inaction, empowering every fudge-brained millennial from Vancouver to Siberia – the other way round the globe – to go and start smashing stuff up. Can you imagine Hungarian president Viktor Orbán’s reaction to what is happening in Canada? He would be there himself, leading the charge with a baseball bat in either hand.

Rebel Media, led by dissident journalist maverick Ezra Levant, is the only news channel covering this farce in full and, as you would expect, Rebel are the only outlet Trudeau has personally gone after (see Traffic Analysis passim), with licencing for Canadian journalists being seriously mooted as a direct result (the Trudeau government is also, apparently, working to control all internet content). Trudeau can foul things up, but try and report on it and he suddenly puts on his efficiency jacket.

One wonders what will happen if a train is derailed with many deaths. The Canadians seem too mild for a civil war, but Baby Doc Trudeau may just push them too far.

This just in. It seems Trudeau has learned his lesson and is taking very firm action. Here is a Prime Ministerial Tweet from earlier;

‘Today, our Liberal team is wearing pink and standing united against and discrimination in all its forms. Because like so many Canadians across the country, we want to build a future that is inclusive and safe for everyone. #PinkShirtDay

O, Canada.

Photo credit: Presidencia de la República Mexicana

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