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Congratulations! It's a, well, it's a baby...

There are mornings when one hesitates to turn on one’s computer. The world seems a placid place, the bird is on the wing, the snail is on the thorn, and various other things are on various other things. The sky is azure and very heaven it is to be alive. One knows, however, that with the press of a simple button, all that will change as insanity is invited into your life. But it has to be done, the djinn of madness has to be summoned, so let’s dive right in.

Who said, ‘babies are born without biological sex’? Was it

a. Terry Gilliam

b. David Icke

c. A contender for the deputy leadership of the UK Labour Party

Richard Madeley is an urbane British TV presenter, beloved of UK housewives and famous for nursing his wife through illness, although she looked as though she had been dragged through a hedge backwards beforeshe got ill. He must have heard it all, but even he looked butterflied when he realised the answer was c.

Dawn Butler is something called the ‘shadow minister for women and equalities’, an oxymoronic, and certainly moronic, post about as much use to the country as an ashtray on a motorcycle. She it was who, in conversation with Mr. Madeley on ITV’s popular breakfast show Good Morning Britain, made the claim that ‘a child is born without sex at the beginning’, an edict dispatched with all the confidence of a Papal bull. Cue what the Daily Express called ‘a furious backlash on Twitter’, which is like saying cue a cake-fight in an old-people’s home.

Ms. Butler went on to say, ‘If you’re saying a trans woman isn’t a woman then there are issues around that’. Anything that has ‘issues around it’ is increasingly coming to mean, in modern Albion, ‘you can at the very least be interviewed by the police under caution for saying that’, but we will pass on. Ms. Butler later added the truly memorable statement that ‘talking about penises and vaginas doesn’t help the conversation’. Oh, we don’t know. We will watch Ms. Butler’s future career with interest, because in an increasingly dour British political landscape, she is a laugh riot.

It is one of life’s paramount pleasures to watch the Left on both sides of the herring-pond sawing furiously at a branch, way above the ground, but sitting on the wrong side of the saw. In the US, the Democrat nominees – who in their debates resemble those little plastic players grafted onto a metal bar in a game of table football – have a basic set of parameters, as follows:

· Orange man bad.

· USA not yet Mexico and therefore bad.

· All white people and their history bad.

· Free money, goods and services for the idle good.

Admirably easy to follow. In the UK, the rudderless Labour Party, still nominally run by a mad old Ahab who can’t extricate his wooden leg from a knot-hole on the fore-deck, has decided that there is but one policy that can save its electoral life; transgenderism.

Now, it has long been the case in Westminster that the political elites listen to a mentally disturbed fringe of people who won’t eat bread unless it is described as ‘artisan’, and the ruling class appear to believe that this rubber-hatted coterie somehow represents the country. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that, if London were to be strategically bombed, the targets being Islington, Crouch End and White City, readership of The Guardian would be in double figures. They believe that Sebastian and Tab – even now sharing the school run in a car Arnold Schwarzenegger would be happy to drive – think the same way about transgenderism as the attendees at a rugby league match between Wigan Warriors and Leeds Rhinos.

Dawn Butler is, by all accounts, a contender for the deputy leadership of the Labour Party. She certainly has the correct credentials, being black, female, and as mad as a box of frogs.

We here at British Intelligence, however, are looking forward to the day when Britain has its first ladyboy Prime Minister.

Photo credit - Salim Fadhley

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