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Audience members relax at the bar after Question Time

Freudian projection. Just what is it? Well, let’s have a look at what it’s not. It’s not, sadly, the name of a racehorse, it’s not a craft ale (pint of Freudian Projection and a pack of those pork scratchings, please love), and it’s not the name of an Austrian porn star. It would please us greatly if ‘Freudian projection’ were chanted on football terraces to the tune of Remember You’re a Womble, but we will pass on.

No, Freudian projection is a common method of psychological buck-passing, an abdication of responsibility that works something like this. Let’s just say – and watch yourselves – that I am a nasty little bastard who cares for no one but himself and operates according to the moral dictates of an east-end dog-fighting fixer. Now, add a pinch of FP, and it’s you who are loaded with all those objectionable personality traits, actually. I’m good as gold. Got it?

Now you has the modern Left.

Hateful people, they accuse everyone but themselves of hate and the mythical chimaera ‘hate speech’, aided and abetted by a traitorous police force. Intellectually low-caste and egg-bound, they crow about the stupidity of the Right. Utterly intolerant, they note intolerance everywhere but in their own back-yards. They are the untermensch, the oikophobes, the mea culpists and ethnomasochists. They hate and despise you and, if you and yours do not take action, they are the future.

Another of the endearing features of these posturing non-entities is that they constantly use victimhood as a moral access-all-areas pass, whether for their black, trans and Muslim house pets or even, if white, for themselves on the basis of their internet and Guardian-assembled flat-pack beliefs. In fact, they are constantly on the lookout for victims, always seeking whom they may devour.

And they have found one.

BBC’s Question Time is the usual slice of politics lite which people can watch and pride themselves on being politically up to the minute. Part ideological dog show, part show trial, all BBC, the audience is usually stuffed from talon to beak with Leftist shills of the type Laurence Fox recently made to look just as stupid as she was and undoubtedly still is. Occasionally, a rogue bacillus will take its seat, and the Leftist press – aka the press – has something to crow about this week.

Like Piltdown Man, Question Time Woman was the appellation given to the latest object of the Left’s hatred, bile and malice. The blonde lady in question gave as her opinion on this Leftist smugfest that there were too many immigrants in the UK, the border should be closed, and the immigrants that were in the UK should learn to speak English. At no point did she suggest punishment beatings for blacks, urge white mobs to lynch Somalians, or refer to ‘those Paki bastards’.

But to listen to the Left you wouldn’t know that.

They went insane. Owen Jones predictably pissed his pants. ‘This is how racism and far-right extremism is normalised’, he squealed from his perambulator. Columnist Steve Richards wrote that, ‘This explains why Brexit happened’. Anti-Brexit group Best for Britain was of the telling opinion that it was ‘truly sad to see such a misinformed audience’. That’s right. Audience. The Left love to make the illegitimate inductive move of extrapolating from the particular to the general. Thus, if a few Catholic priests are caught with their be-ringed hands up a choir-boy’s cassock, the whole Catholic church is corrupt. To be fair, some on the Right make this error concerning Islam.

The Left are looking to ‘doxx’ this woman, a common and very dangerous practice whereby a person’s address is made public. It happened many times to Tommy Robinson, with whom this woman has unsurprisingly been linked.

The woman’s viewpoint is just that, a point of view. The correct procedure in the adult world is to debate that point of view and defeat it using reason and fact. Not for the Left. Step out of line and you will get hit and hit hard and hit again.

The Left are generally vile people, small minds, a coterie of pinch-faced, vain, know-nothings with higher self-esteem than a heavyweight boxer at a weigh-in. David Horowitz’s description of the Left in the 1980s still holds true today; corrupt, immoral and lacking in all integrity.

Shun them, avoid them, defeat them. If you do not, gentle reader, they will shape your future, and the landscape they leave for you will be every bit as denuded, bleak and sparse as their own intellectual skyline.

Photo - Public domain

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