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1st March 2020

Yinan Chen / Public Domain

There is a war

Between the ones who say there is a war

And the ones who say that there isn’t.

Leonard Cohen, There is a War

The Western world is at war, and the singularity of that war is that only one side is aware that it is fighting. Properly speaking, it is a civil war, and the opposing armies are the ordinary people of the Western hemisphere, the ones who do not know that they fight; your neighbours, friends and workmates, and a shadowy army of elite soldiers, inferior in numbers and intelligence but, like the Spartans, highly trained and prepared to fight until day’s end. They fight in many uniforms and they go by many names. I’ll call them the Alt. Left on the understanding that this encompasses progressive Liberal-Leftism, globalism, ‘woke’ culture, Communism, oikophobia and a host of other corrosive traits.

A war is rarely fought on just one front, and rarely comprises one battle only, and the ongoing war in the West is no different. Although currently a cold war, the conflict shows every sign of becoming warmer.  It is no exaggeration that the Alt. Left are waging their cultural war against the following, here placed in alphabetical order for want of any other: authority, capitalism, Christianity, civility, Conservatism, democracy, education, England, Enlightenment reason, family, free speech, gender norms, heterosexuality, history, humour, masculinity, meritocracy, nationalism, privacy, rural life, science, self-determination, tradition and whiteness. An impressive list, and the Alt. Left are fighting and winning on every single front.

The dominance of the Alt. Left – as discussed in the first part of this series in the January edition of British Intelligence – is a result of what is often referred to semi-satirically as the 'Gramscian Long March through the institutions', combining the neo-Marxist writer Antonio Gramsci with Chairman Mao’s infamous 'long march'. And yet, although the victory is effectively theirs, the war goes on as the wounded and dying are bayoneted on the battlefield. But what, and how, are they fighting?

To win 100 victories in 100 battles is not the greatest skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the greatest skill.


If you reduce the list above,  the sediment is white tradition. Tradition implies the transmission of culture down through generations and, for the Alt. Left, this means heredity and mono-culturalism, which are deeply suspect to the Left just as long they are of Caucasian origin.

There are university courses on ‘the problem of whiteness’. Media sock-puppets, whether white or of duskier hue, often comment on the whiteness of an event, film or staff quotient. From Susan Sontag’s famous pronouncement that white people were 'cancer', to the present day mantra of 'white privilege', the war against whites has gradually intensified and diversified. In America, Beat Whitey Night and the Knockout Game are just as much a part of the war as the now-familiar appendix to British job advertisements; people of an ethnic minority background are particularly encouraged to apply for this position. This says, in effect, whites need not apply.

As well as being a blatant social phenomenon, the war on whiteness is also implicitly a war on reason, on clear thinking. Thus, you have sociologist Andrew Hacker railing against 'white logic', as though there could be an autonomous black logic with an equal or greater claim to validity.

It is impossible here to deal with the offensives against each one of the list above, but we must visit a number of key battle sites.

In the midst of peace, the Roman troops familiarised themselves with the practice of war.

Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

The first key beach-head is academia. The current policy of inviting hideous transexual drag queens to indoctrinate very small children in the joys of sexual deviation prepares these innocents for the later stages of their education, where they will be taught about the evils of (white) empire, the (falsified) history of slavery, systemic racism, and many other prefabricated areas of 'learning' specifically designed to replace worthwhile disciplines. The next redoubt is the university.

Tony Blair, author of so much of the current disruption of what might otherwise be a healthy organic society, did not lie when he said his priority was 'education, education, education'. He just neglected to mention what he wanted to do to it. The drive to put 50% of school-leavers through university was an excellent way – given the added tithes of student loans – to produce both indentured slaves of the state and ideological drones. British universities are aptly described by Toby Young as 'Left-wing madrassas', and they are equally as toxic. They are also the training ground for the next phase of the Left’s war; the attack on free speech.

It is scarcely necessary to state that free speech has long been expelled from Great Britain. Social media comments can now lead to police interrogation, a GP is fired after 26 years for 'misgendering' a patient, a broadcaster with 40 years’ experience is forced from his job for quoting Shakespeare, and a social media commentator critical of transgenderism is told by police that they must 'check his thinking'. A few examples from thousands. Never in the free West has language been so policed. We will examine one facet of this exemplar of authoritarianism.

A major offensive in the war on free speech is the battle over the curatorship of humour. The humorous response is spontaneous and natural, which is why the Left wish to control it. The replacement of spontaneity by control is a major tactic of the Left. But they are not saying that these areas of humour have been found to be unfunny. They are saying instead, these areas of humour may or may not be funny, that is not the issue. What is important is that we can punish you socially or literally if you defy us and find them funny.

Jamie Glazov, in United in Hate, describes Mao Xidong’s attitude to humour:

Mao had criminalised humour. His regime had illegalised “speaking weird words” - which involved anything from asking strange questions to articulating dissatisfaction to making any kind of wisecrack.

Compare this with the contemporary British policing of, say, the workplace, where 'banter' has now been placed off-limits, and the severe immediate treatment meted out on comedians for social media comments deemed verboten.

Comedy is now policed in such a way that it cannot really be described as comedy, bearing as it does more of a resemblance to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, with key words and approved responses. Propaganda is a major feature of any war, hot or cold, and it is the genius of the Western elites to disguise their propaganda as entertainment. It might be argued that Western propaganda is more insidious than that of the Communist countries because it is not so blatant. Michael Polignano goes as far as to say of entertainment that, Communism… controlled the second-greatest propaganda machine ever created – second only to the “free” media of the West. Advertising is complicit. Watch again the recent ads by Gillette and Scandinavian Air Services, where (white) men and Scandinavia respectively are traduced.

There has long been a series of offensives against the idea of the stable, nuclear family. These battles overlap with the Leftist hatred of Christianity and the social frameworks it was responsible for. Christianity did not invent socio-sexual partnerships, but it provided the necessary sanctity, sacredness and ritual for the family to fulfil a natural function within the protective confines of a benign institution. Stalin, of course, went to work on this, and his work has continued, somewhat in disguise.

That there is a war on democracy is self-evident. Whereas in the USA, Clinton and her people attempted to make a variety of feeble cases to show that Trump – with mythological Russian aid - somehow 'stole' the election, there was no doubt in Britain that the vote was sound in the referendum (although the more desperate Remainers claimed, effectively, that voters were too stupid to know what they were voting for), and the objection was simply hyper-partisanism.

For who can think Submission? Warr then, Warr

Open or understood must be resolv’d.

Milton, Paradise Lost

As becomes clear from these examples, the war of the Left against the rest is essentially a war against nature. Gender norms, classical educational standards, nation states and sovereignty, Christianity and its resultant social structures; these seem disparate areas but are united by the fact that, having evolved over long time spans, they represent as close to a natural order as mankind has achieved. To wage war against these is to march against nature. However, as Horace wrote in his Epistles,

naturam expelles furca, tamen usque recurret.

(You may drive out nature with a pitchfork, but she will always return).

Ultimately, this is a war against whiteness, and in particular heterosexual white men. The Left have arranged the terms of the debate so that any statement of this fact is tantamount to exemplifying their new plaything, white supremacy. From the 'decolonisation' of university curricula to the tearing down of Confederate statues, from the semiotics of advertising to the Academy Awards, from the rewriting of history to the absurd claims that blacks and Muslims invented almost everything that created civilisation, from racial quotas at every level of Western society to the constant low drumbeat of anti-white vitriol, the white man is being driven out of the past, the present, and the future.

And this is not new. In 1969, Linda Evans, one of the murderous Weathermen terrorists later pardoned by Bill Clinton with the help of Trump impeacher-in-chief Jerry Nadler, spoke at Berkeley University, screaming at a crowd about two wars, although she only mentioned one explicitly;

'Vietnam is burning! It’s only white skin privilege that prevents American cities from burning too.'

That was then. This is now, and a cold war threatens to become hot. Without resistance, there can be only one victor.

Mark Gullick is a philosophy PhD from London, England, who went on holiday to Costa Rica four years ago and forgot to go home. He now works there as a musician. He blogs at

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